Chuck Series 2 DVD £10.85 @ The hut plus 3% cashback.

Chuck Series 2 DVD £10.85 @ The hut plus 3% cashback.

Found 2nd Apr 2010
Price is £11.85, but using the code BANK1 you get an extra pound off. Don't forget to use your respective cashback provider as well.

'Chuck Bartowski, ace computer geek at Buy More, is not in his right mind. That's a good thing. Ever since he unwittingly downloaded stolen government secrets into his brain, action, excitement and a cool secret agent girlfriend have entered his life. It's a bad thing, too. Because now Chuck is in danger 24/7. Executive producers Josh Schwartz (The O.C.) and McG (Charlie's Angels, We Are Marshall) merge techno-gadgetry, martial-arts smack-downs, narrow escapes and gorgeous spies in short shorts into this action comedy about a millennium Everyguy. Think James Bond in a sub-compact. Think Jason Bourne with a pocket protector.'


Brilliant show.

Well spotted, got me a copy.


Nice find.
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