Chunky Round Chopping Board @ Argos - Half Price 7.34

Chunky Round Chopping Board @ Argos - Half Price 7.34



Not really a great deal, about the going rate for a wooden chopping board.

i thought wooden chopping boards and stuff where unhygenic?. years ago at school the teacher said we couldnt cook as they had to throw away anything wooden (rolling pin, chopping boards, wooden spoons) :?

Googled it

Wood is the traditional material for chopping boards, but lost favour in the 1990s when it was thought to be unhygienic. Plastic chopping boards became the recommended cutting surface. Current thinking has changed to believe that properly washed and sanitised, wood cube is a hygienic cutting surface

my school was always dumb anyway, this just proves it

well I saw this on here so went to buy it - it reallt is a good deal considering there is one in Debenhams looks almost the same - only smaller £18! It's HUGE!! Very glad with it. THANKS FOR SHARING!!!

can anybody tell me whether this can be used to make roti's or pastry like shaping it round whatever using that stick fingy. Cheers
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