Chupa Chups wax melts and tealight candles £1 in Poundland

Chupa Chups wax melts and tealight candles £1 in Poundland

Found 2nd Feb 2017
Chupa Chups wax melt clamshells in Cherry, Strawberry and Lemon + Lime.
10 packs of Tealight Candles, they only had Cherry in my store, but I assume that other scents might be available elsewhere.
There was also Love Hearts reed diffusers and a selection of candles, including Love hearts, Chupa Chups, Skittles and Starburst.
I've often seen the candles in there before, but never any of the other items.
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These are INCREDIBLY sickly sweet. I lit them and had to blow them out and throw them away. They are very cloying
I've bought a few wax tarts from Poundland and -world.

The Wal-Mart Mainstays ones are all excellent, very strong. Airpure, same. Now and then Poundland and -world get the Yankee Simply Home versions, happy with those too.

Picked up Chupa Chups Cherry from a store the other week - for some reason they come in much smaller cubes than I'm used to, a pack of 12 instead of the usual 6 (though means you have more, I suppose) - wasn't impressed at all. Hardly any scent.
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