Churchill's Bodyguard (13 DVD Boxset) - £17.93 delivered
Churchill's Bodyguard (13 DVD Boxset) - £17.93 delivered

Churchill's Bodyguard (13 DVD Boxset) - £17.93 delivered

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In almost any piece of film you'll see of Britain's great wartime leader, this is the man in the background - anonymous and secret. Until now his critical role in saving the life of Churchill from a series of attacks has been hidden from the wider public.

After the war Walter Thompson's censored book told just part of the story. His full memoirs were suppressed even by Churchill himself - only now can we recount the number of assassination attempts on Churchill's life. Many foiled by Walter.

This series, with a unique access to these incredible memoirs, reveals for the first time, the story of Walter's life with Winston. Together they travelled thousands of miles on precarious journeys to meet Stalin and Roosevelt and other world leaders. Together they rode with Lawrence of Arabia.

This is the story of the political upheavals of the 20th Century, Churchill's constant brushes with death and the role played by an ex post office messenger in preventing an early end to his life.

The adventures, the narrow escapes they both had staying alive during their most dangerous years...

1. Walter Meets Winston:
A London siege, a chance meeting, a new bodyguard and a foiled assassination attempt.

2. Lawrence And Walter Save The Day:
A dangerous rail journey, Arab extremists and a new bodyguard called Lawrence of Arabia.

3. Nearly Killed In New York:
Without a bodyguard, death stalks Churchill on Fifth Avenue.

4. Indian Nationalist Assassin?:
On three occasions guns are drawn and one assassin is nearly successful.

5. Nazi Sniper Plan:
A timely tip off thwarts Hitler's first assassination attempt in the South of France at the Duke of Windsor's villa.

6. Dangerous Travels:
During Dunkirk, Churchill's aircraft is saved from a menacing Heinkel.

7. Surviving The Blitz:
Walter's prompt action on the roof of Downing Street saves Churchill whose premonition saves another day.

8. Attack At The Flying Boat Dock:
A lone gunman comes within seconds of killing Churchill.

9. Winston's Double:
Churchill's aircraft is sabotaged and his 'double' is shot down... A key secret it protected.

10. Suicide Attack In Tehran:
Hitler orders suicide bombers to kill Churchill as Walter foils his pursuers.

11. The Kiss Of Life?:
Churchill stops breathing without a doctor in sight.

12. The Sewer Bomb:
1000 lbs of dynamite await Churchill's arrival in Athens.

13. Love Him To Death
The crush of Victory results in broken bones.


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