Cillit Bang Grease & Floor Citrus Force (1.5L) £1@Asda

Cillit Bang Grease & Floor Citrus Force (1.5L) £[email protected]

Found 15th Jun 2010Made hot 15th Jun 2010
£3.32 in Sainsburys and Tesco or 2 for £5 in Ocado.

Force powerfully removes burned-on grease, encrusted grime and stubborn stains all around the house, inside or outside.


whenever I read this brand name my brain deletes one of the i's and oneof the L's and I haev to double take ......... if that was a real product then that would sell a million - especially at £1 :oops:

man, I really need a good Cillit bang, its been ages, and its so filthy (my floor that is)

hi im barry scott.....................

Clit bang...

Bang whos what on the greasy floor??

Jackie, I can make Birmingham in an hour. Hour and a half tops

Can anyone confirm if this is nationwide??

so illicit in here, take it to the pro'misc'uity.

Surely, if it is Cillit Bang, the posting SHOULD HAVE BEEN WRITTEN IN CAPITAL LETTERS!!!
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