Cinderella Tomy Aquadraw £6.24 instore at Tesco RRP £24.97

Cinderella Tomy Aquadraw £6.24 instore at Tesco RRP £24.97

Found 22nd Feb 2008
What a Bargin!

Suitable for age 3 and over.

Bought today instore at Tesco's Merthyr Tydfil.

Sorry. Don't know how to add a picture.


Excellent price, daughter got this for Xmas and enjoys playing with it, the dancing princess/prince thingys' tune is quite annoying for me though! Also don't expect to be able to draw unbroken tracks with the wheel roller, this doesn't stop the dancers following the track you have drawn though (unless really faint).

Buy it!

Excellent price HOT - my little girl is after this. Will have a look tomorrow, thank you! :thumbsup:

Shows as full price on the website?!

Great price for this, we also purchased this for our little girl at Christmas at full price! Great price if you can find one
This is instore I think Brewer

Excellent price - we got this for Christmas for our daughter. She loves it. Bit gutted it's so cheap actually!

The dancing cinderella thing makes a right racket - both in terms of the music, and the usual whining from the motor.



Shows as full price on the website?!

[SIZE=4]Cinderella Tomy Aquadraw £6.24 [SIZE=7]instore[/SIZE] at Tesco[/SIZE]

Excellent one. I will check it in today.

not 6.24 in all tesco stores, it was reduced to 12.00 in our local one. still worth it though. tesco assistant said it varies store to store :-(

oh i am thick i have click on the deal and mine is still full price ONLINE AND HAVE NONE NEARBY ??? please someone help:)

Yay, Tescos have been restocking their toy sale, picked up the last one of these this morning :thumbsup:

Got some wicked deals, well worth checking out!
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