Cinema for as little as £2.50 & £3.50 at weekends @ Maxime Cinema Blackwood - Other Locations available

Cinema for as little as £2.50 & £3.50 at weekends @ Maxime Cinema Blackwood - Other Locations available

Found 19th Aug 2014
Not so much of a deal but think this is worth sharing and I couldn't find if it has been posted.

An old cinema has just reopened in my local town and I can't believe the difference in price.
Smaller screens than the usual big screen cinemas but for £2.50 weekdays and £3.50 on weekends for either 2D or 3D, finally makes the cinema an affordable trip.

Other locations include:
Bognor Regis
Westgate on Sea
Clapton on Sea

Obviously no good unless you're local to these venues, but hope this is helpful to those that do
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I'm local and as stated above very good deal £2.50 through the week £3.50 on weekends same price for 3d!!! done out really nice...get in there!!!
Used to go there as a kid, just signed up, hope to take my son there by the end of the week, support the small stuff
Hi op is this Blackwood gwent area, near Newport, thanks
Just checked the website and yes it is my local one just a few miles up the road for me thanks so much op will definately check this one out
Right in the town centre
I'm another local. These prices are amazing aren't they!! we've been there twice in the last week.
Good price voted hot, nice to see an alternative to Vue and Cineworld.
The only thing I object to is their food and drink policy Food and Drink Policy which says "You are not permitted to consume your own food, sweets or beverages on the premises. We reserve the right to confiscate any sweets/beverages/alcohol brought in from outside, and will return them to you at the end of the performance"
I feel this is wrong for any cinema/theatre, we always take our own into Vue or Cineworld due to their rip off prices on food and drink., I've no problem with such a policy if they charge fair/reasonable prices
I do agree, most cinemas have the same policy but larger cinemas don't bother policing it. To be fair I understand what they are trying to say in regard to them sacrificing a certain amount of profit on tickets so they ask you to buy food and drink there. But it should be our prerogative.
But worth a note the pic and mix fill a cup is £1 which is cheaper than any supermarket and a medium Pepsi (would be large in McD's) is £2.50 which is not great but certainly cheaper than the super chains!
I had a cappuccino too which was £2.40 and that was freshly ground in front of me so all in all I have no complaints. Didn't buy popcorn as I went for the sweets. Kids loved it, but I think that does come in at around £3 or so
3 of us for a trip to the cinema cost around £13 all in! I spent just short of that on 1 ticket a few weeks back on a single 3D ticket for transformers which was absolute pants as well!!!!

Perspective!! (Not at all at the comment but on the cost)
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