cinema light box £9.99 @ homebargains

cinema light box £9.99 @ homebargains

Found 27th Aug 2016
Saw one of these posted earlier at a higher price, and saw this in home bargains for 9.99. Don't know the quality etc as didn't purchase. Included 85 character so. Battery or mains operated.
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my partner bought one of these today. It is battery or mains operated but it doesn't come with a voltage adaptor.
comments I've seen about these include most people saying they are far more expensive elsewhere. so a great price if you really want one! you can also order online to correct in store if you can't find any on the shelves
Great price but sold out online!
seen in my local store, heat for the price but I am torn between - tacky or not!
Saw these in Preston. Tempted to get one just to put rude words on it, but relented as it's not really worth a tenner, imo.
Saw a few of these on friends Instagram posts. Yeah £10 ain't worth the novelty and a few likes.
bought one of this yesterday! they are so nice but be careful with the mains adaptor i tried using a 12v one and it started smoking. should only be 5v!
These look nice but they've totally skimped on the letters. It would have cost (literally) pennies to add more copies of the letters
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What size is this light box?
About 10 on a top shelf mid shop in newton abbot store
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