Cinema light box for personalised messages only £7.99 @Homebargains

Cinema light box for personalised messages only £7.99 @Homebargains

Found 15th JanMade hot 15th Jan
Cool thing to leave random messages. Not a bad price and plenty in stock. Seen this in store at Leeds so not sure if online.


Bought one of these at Christmas, they were either posted here as a thread or mentioned in the one posted about the ones sold at Argos

We took the Argos one back, less letters and perhaps more importantly it cant be used with a mains adapter. This one can, although not supplied. Otherwise it needs 6 batteries.

You can get extra letters of ebay, but they are expensive I feel.

After watching Farty Towels I copied the idea, sadly my wife just keeps editing what I create.

Heat added and good fun.

WHY, just WHY? oO

I returned 3 of these that I bought for kids at Christmas....all 3 of them were faulty, smelt like burning and smoke coming from the back!! The lady that dealt with the return said they'd have to recall them........not seen any signs of a recall so be careful.....I even paid out for 3 adapters for them
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