Cineworld Christmas Giftbox - £25 at the cinema or £29.50 delivered

Cineworld Christmas Giftbox - £25 at the cinema or £29.50 delivered

Found 3rd Nov 2016
*** UPDATE 17/11/16 *** - Amex card holders - combine this with £5 back on a £15 spend -…267

Back for another year, and sadly a £5 more, but if you buy in the cinema and maximise the use (e.g. use prime time - Saturday night, for a 3D movie) then should still be a decent saver...

The perfect Christmas gift includes:

* x2 2D or 3D tickets

* x2 regular drinks

* x1 regular popcorn and

x2 Merryteaser chocolates.

All of which can be redeemed from the 26th Decemeber and valid for 6 months.
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Cold from me this time as it no longer beats Meerkat Weds, which it used to. They also have a pathetic usage timeframe.
one popcorn
Ice cold.

Lovely idea, HORRENDOUS value.
been £20 for the last three years
I blame the increase on brexit
for a Saturday night this is a pretty good deal - my local the tickets are around £22 two regular drinks just under £4 each and popcorn and merryteaser around another £5

but get your pick n mix in Tesco!
No much of a deal this! Slight saving I guess of a couple of quid. Basically the cinema is shocking in its prices across the board, food the lot.

I'm surprised that they haven't employed a mugger in the toilets to get the remaining content of your wallet.
Maybe a good deal if you buy the popcorn and drinks - but I never do, not at those prices!
Original Poster
Amex card holders - combine this with £5 back on a £15 spend -…267
Bought a few of these the past 3 years when they were £20 each. Even that was pushing it.

Not bothered this year at £25 (+£4.50 delivery per box) - there's just no value to it. May as well put £30 in a card with the message "Go the cinema" - at least then the person isn't restricted to just this cinema, or having to use it within six months.

Was luke warm, now ice cold.
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