Cineworld Movies for Junior all box office takings will go to Children in Need £1.58

Cineworld Movies for Junior all box office takings will go to Children in Need £1.58

Found 17th Oct 2016
The films are still on but beware, Cineworld have hiked the prices up ours has gone from £1.58 to £2.50. Absolutely shocking increase and I have emailed their customer service to complain. It's not so long ago that movies for juniors was only £1.

What used to be a treat is now ridiculously expensive when aimed at young children.

Send a complaint email to

All Cineworld box office takings for BBC Children in Need Movies for Juniors will go to BBC Children in Need.

For the full week of half term, take the kids and do a little for charity at the same time. Book online for £1.58 after logging in or pay more without logging in.

Three films, Secret Life of Pets, Ice Age, Finding Dory
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brilliant!!! thanks for posting. voted hot
Great films this half term and glad it's going to charity too. Thanks OP
So no Doctor Strange for the kiddies?
Great idea. Heat added
Where do the parents go? xD

Where do the parents go? xD

in my case the in store starbucks, only shame is the films only last about 90 minutes now if they only made longer films for kids I could enjoy more peace
Just checked and the films for next week near me are

Finding Dory
Secret Life of Pets
Ice Age Collision Course

So pretty decent, and I actually want to see most of them myself :-)
I voted hot before I get criticised for this

It is really good that they are giving all this money to Children In Need -but it's probably a tax write off and they will probably make just as much from the overpriced popcorn and drinks etc.
RIP Wogan.
Am i being stupid or are the movies £1.58 to watch?
I paid £1.80 after logging in, but still mega hot from me as we wanted to see Finding Dory on the big screen thanks OP
£1.80 for me too, x 5 = £9.00. Used to be £1.58 though a while back? foster1991 that's £1.80 per person for each individual.
I took my kids last Saturday for the Finding Dory movie, £1.80 each x 5 = £9 + £18 popcorn etc etc!

May go again this weekend.
its £2 each for me on london 2 child 2 adults = £10
its £2.50 in Feltham

its £2.50 in Feltham

They have put the prices up, shocking increase.
Only £2 from the cineworld at the foyer or £2.50 on line
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