Circulon 7 piece utensil set £27.79 @ Groupon (£1.99 P&P)

Circulon 7 piece utensil set £27.79 @ Groupon (£1.99 P&P)

Posted 11th Apr
I know you can get cheaper but you're paying for the brand and quality.

HEAT RESISTANT - Circulon's utensil set is made of advanced heat resistant nylon and will resist temperatures up to 200 degree Celsius . Circulon's utensils are extremely durable and will last you for years

COMFORT GRIP HANDLE - This plastic utensil set is very comfortable and very safe to use thanks to its comfort grip handle. This stylish black nylon utensil also features a very practical hanging loop

DISHWASHER SAFE - Circulon's cooking utensil set is dishwasher safe. You will be able to save time cleaning up and focus spending time with your family, friends and to do what matters the most to you

IDEAL FOR NON STICK - Circulon's 7 piece utensil set is ideal for non stick pans and cookware. You will be able to prepare your favourite meals without damaging and scratching your precious pans

QUALITY ASSURANCE GUARANTEE - This set of kitchen utensils is covered by the Circulon quality assurance guarantee because we know you will cook better meals if you have complete peace of mind


Product Description

Due to Circulon's increasingly time-starved schedules, it's the little things like Circulon tools and gadgets that help to make Circulon's lives easier.

In a busy home kitchen the right tools and gadgets help to make healthy nutritious meals in no time and all of Circulon's kitchen tools have been ergonomically designed for comfort and control.

This black utensil set will assist you in creating sumptuous meals every day. It is extremely durable. Made of nylon, Circulon's solid turner will be heat resistant up to 200 degree Celsius .

Once you try the comfort grip handle added to this nylon utensil set, you won't go back. In addition, the handle also have a hanging loop to save up some space in your kitchen.

You won't lose time cleaning Circulon's basic cooking utensil set. It is very easy, just put it in the dishwasher and spend time doing what you love the most.

Take care of your precious non stick pans by using Circulon's non stick utensil set. It is ideal to use with non stick surfaces as it won't scratch and damaged them.

All Circulon's utensils, including this large utensil set of 7, come with a quality assurance guarantee that will protect you. We know you will be a better cook if you are relaxed.

For over 30 years Circulon has used innovation and technology to provide a lifetime of performance. With features to help the everyday chef produce healthy meals, Circulon cookware is PERFECT for you don’t have the luxury of lots of time to get food prepared, but still want to sit down and enjoy delicious meals.

Box Contains

Circulon Momentum Tools 7 piece set includes: 1 x Slotted Turner, 1 x Solid Turner, 1 x Solid Spoon, 1 x Slotted spoon, 1 x Masher, 1 x Spaghetti server, 1 x Ladle
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Great price. Normally £45-50 unless on offer! £30 delivered is a steal! Thanks for posting. Ordered x2.
hal2play11/04/2020 09:56

Great price. Normally £45-50 unless on offer! £30 delivered is a steal! T …Great price. Normally £45-50 unless on offer! £30 delivered is a steal! Thanks for posting. Ordered x2.

Glad someone likes the deal haha. Each to their own. I guess we know good quality
Not sure why this is cold? Easily £15 off normal price
Have some of these (bought as separates) and they are very good quality.
Good price for quality. People on here only care about price and forget about value.
I think once something is cold people just vote cold for th the sake of it. I'm happy with the find and if it helps out a few people who are looking for something like this then that's a good thing.
Thanks very much, been looking for some decent utensils to replace my cheapies.

I got 7% off too. Tried 'welcome10' and was told it was expired but they could offer a 7% discount.
Great price. Just ordered. Thanks
Very good price
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