ciroc 70cl vodka £23.32ea Min purchase 6 bottles @ Majestic Wine

ciroc 70cl vodka £23.32ea Min purchase 6 bottles @ Majestic Wine

Found 16th Oct 2014
A good deal if you or your friends want 6 bottles. Fortunately with christmas and new years coming up in a couple of months, me and a few friends wanted a couple of bottles each. So worked out really cheap for us. you can actually order 1 bottle and 5 bottles of fine wine etc. It just needs to be 6 bottles that are special distribution. great price considering the next cheapest I have seen it at the moment is 28pound in morissons which i though was good.
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Yeah,yeah, a few friends and I. A good price.
Can't quite understand these new 'boutique' spirits. If you mix them what is the point.
The only thing you add to a good vodka is more vodka!
Got a bottle of this and 5 bottles of wine for less than £50 delivered free to my door!
People vote it cold, when its the cheapest price available. Weird But glad I helped a few people.
Thanks op ordered as best price.
Costco £21.50 A bottle

Costco £21.50 A bottle

Really I cant see it online and this is probably before tax if not I'd definately be interested.
7.5% cashback via quidco for new customers like me as well.
good price
just had it delivered and drinking it now (very good quality)
Went in to store to collect yesterday, they said you can also buy locally and only need to purchase 2. Obviously this is dependant on stock. The guy in store was really nice and said he could get them transferred if I was interested. ended up buying another 3.
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