CISS Continuous Ink System for Epson Photo R200 / R300 / R220 / R320 / R340 - £20.65 Delivered @

CISS Continuous Ink System for Epson Photo R200 / R300 / R220 / R320 / R340 - £20.65 Delivered @

Found 3rd Aug 2009
Quickcode: 1623 / Mfr Part: UB-CISS-ER200

The NEW CISS is a complete kit and has everything you need to get started, the kit includes
1 x CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System)
1 x User Manual
6 x 100ml Ink (pre installed)

Why not add an extra set of inks to your order?

100ml bottles - £1.40
250ml bottle - £3.63
500ml bottles - £6.90…tml

The NEW CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) provides significant cost and time savings to the high volume ink user. The CISS provides a continuous supply of ink to the printer without the need to replace cartridges. This ingenious ink flow system works by using a vacuum seal which prevents leakage and loss of ink supply to the cartridges. The NEW CISS does not require the chips to be reset on the cartridge therefore no chip re-setter is required.

The NEW CISS comes complete with 6 pre-filled ink containers, each container has approximately 100ml of ink this is the equivalent to about 7 cartridges per container but if you consider that every time you change a cartridge normally the printer runs a head cleaning process for all the cartridges this wastes ink (i.e. if you where to change just one cartridge the printer would run a head cleaning process on all 6 cartridges) with the continuous system this does not happen. We therefore would argue that on print numbers you should get approximately 10 cartridges worth of prints.

Once you have used the initial 600ml (100ml x 6 colours) ink that is supplied with the CISS the ink tanks can be easily refilled with compatible ink which is available in 100 / 250 / 500ml bottles. You only need to top up on the colour that is running low on no other part of the system needs to be replaced there is a guide line on the containers to warn you when your ink is running low.

The ink flow system itself, it comes all connected up with ink already inside. You may notice the bubbles on some of the leads, theses do not affect the print quality at all and they go after a few prints. You will notice the bungs are open when in use, they must be kept open all the time. The valves are just one way so the ink doesnt pour out.

To install the ink flow system you have to take off the grey lid that covers the cartridges. To do this you just unscrew two little screws either side with the mini screwdriver provided and unclip a spring. (Very easy to do) the cartridges install the same as normal ones then you just have to attach the sticky back velcro to two parts of the printer. (Specific details are in the manual provided)

Once installed complete a head clean and a head alignment. We have printed a lot of pages with the ink flow system now and the quality is as good as any cartridges out there.

The pros for the Epson Continuous Ink System

Fact: When you purchase one, 75ml. bottle of ink, it is approximately the equivalent of 12 cartridges of usable ink. There are a few exceptions to this rule, such as the 980, which uses larger cartridges.

Fact: A Continuous Ink System uses substantially less ink than ink cartridges. Every time you place a new cartridge into the printer, the printer automatically goes through a high powered cleaning cycle that re-primes the print head for the new cartridge, wasting about 10% of the cartridge into the waste sponge in the bottom of the printer.

Fact: When your printer tells you that the cartridge is empty, you actually still have about 35% of the ink still remaining in the cartridge. The sponge will not release the remainder. Not so with the Continous Ink System.

Fact: The cost of printing with a Bulk Feed System will allow you to print for about 1/10 the cost of cartridges.


I've had a set of these for an epson 900 for a good few years, well worth buying

Well worth the price. I have had one of these for nearly a year now and have only had to refill the ink 2 times.

thanks op will try this

hi all does anyone know of one for a epson c44 + ??:thumbsup:
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