CIT 650w Computer PSU - £22.79 @ Amazon
CIT 650w Computer PSU - £22.79 @ Amazon

CIT 650w Computer PSU - £22.79 @ Amazon

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Good price if building a budget system Good reviews for this on Play website.

Technical Details
ATX 12V Compliant for all Types of CPU and Mainboard
12cm Silent Fan
Dual 12v Rails
4 SATA Connectors


Need one for doing up a PC for my brother and sister in law.
Was hoping to buy one for less. Ah well.:(

Rule number one of DIY PC building... do not skimp on PSU's! Saying this from experience. I used to include them in PC builds for friends, but a huge majority of them all ended up causing big problems. One even blew up in my face... nearly had a heart attack! :P

These cheap ones won't even push anywhere near 650w. Some are proven to blow when pushing the ~400w mark.

There's a 500w Coolermaster Elite for £28.79 in Scans Today Only today...

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I would avoid a cheap/low quality PSU. You buy cheap, you buy twice.
I would recommend a CX430, as it's ~£30 and MUCH better quality.

Agreed. False economy. I too learned this the hard way.

I had a 650W CIT PSU - It was crap.

The replacement is a decent 450W and has no problems.

Yeah, I've replaced one of these before, I'd spend a little more on something better...

The brand rhymes with something else which reflects its true worthiness...

I bought a £40 700W EZCool from Scan - I had to return it after 12 days because it was noisy and absolutely bloody awful quality. Bought a decent Coolermaster one instead.

Don't buy cheap power supplies!

Couldn't agree more, high quality PSU means it can sustain higher loads for longer. They better components and smoother power output. Also wattage isn't everything.

A good quality brand 400W PSU can out perform a budget 600W.
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Cheapo ones tend to skip on power filtering as well, so any power spikes/surges are heading straight into your components. Also usually have terrible ripple and noise regulation, playing fast and loose with the ATX specs.

aria have some cheap BeQuiet ones at the minute. I'm going to give one a bash.

I too have learnt the hard way, cheap PSU’s are a false economy. I’ve also learnt that some expensive PSU’s are not as good as some would have you believe.

Look for a PSU with a five year guarantee from a respected manufacturer. If they don’t trust their PSU enough to offer at least a five year guarantee, then you shouldn’t trust it enough to plug it onto your motherboard.

I used to work in PC repair, power supplies were our most common fault. Sometimes a mobo fault would pop the new one too (had loads blow up on me), but nearly always a change of PSU fixed the random problems you'd get. You only need a slightly fluctuating feed to throw the whole machine out.


I'd only go with PSUs manufactured by Seasonic: … I'd only go with PSUs manufactured by Seasonic: http://whirlpool.net.au/wiki/psu_manufacturers

Cheers for the link, good for reference. I'm currently running a corsair psu which according to your link is seasonic.

This new article explains who makes what in the PSU world:

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