CiT ATX computer case with neon fans/lights (no psu) £15.99 delivered @ Play.com
CiT ATX computer case with neon fans/lights (no psu) £15.99 delivered @ Play.com

CiT ATX computer case with neon fans/lights (no psu) £15.99 delivered @ Play.com

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* Case Type: ATX Midi Tower
* Drive Bay-5.25": 4 Open
* Drive Bay-3.5": 1 Open, 6 Hidden
* Motherboards: All types of Mainboard up to 244mm
* Dimensions (mm): (L x W x H) 486 x 185 x 425
* Cooling Fans: Space for 2 fans
* External Ports: USB, Audio ports (Headphones and Mic)
* IEEE 1394 Firewire (Optional)
* Expansion slots: 7 Full Size
* Other Features: Blue neon light on front panel
* All edges debarred for safety
* Zinc plated treatment, S.E.C.C. steel sheeting FCC class CB&CE approved


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Best price now, but it was £9.99...



Wow that's cool

I love the Merc E Class lights and grill at the bottom


good price

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I love the Merc E Class lights and grill at the bottom

Ha, I noticed that as well! Classy! :thumbsup:

is this just to remind you to dust the insides out every so often?

looks like a very garish case, but a good price for a tower!

Very chavish - but nice price none the less.

I had the same case about five years ago,
head lights stop working after a few weeks and the clear side panel is made from very cheap perspex.
Cool price but stay away.

doesnt seem that good of a price as ebuyer sell a lot of similar cases for around the same, including some better looking ones

i havent voted

good price


I love the Merc E Class lights and grill at the bottom

Looks more like a mercades bus to me.

"All types of Mainboard up to 244mm"

I suppose that would include mATX, such as this ebuyer.com/pro…094 and it would work with this PSU play.com/PC/…tml ?

This is an utter piece of crap :thumbsup:

It wont take BTX because its a totally different board type..

It will take MATX as they just do.... but that PSU, o dead, o dear.... please get a proper one, corsair 600W or sumthin, that one is an explosion waiting to happen. Then and again the mobo aint anything good either.. meh..

Cold as ice, get a coolermaster or antec 300 (antec 300 is cheap and immense). This is just... rubbish lol, tacky...

That's one seriously ugly case...

Have to agree, its not really a great price because the case isnt really worth more than £1

My one concern is that it doesn't state whether the audio is HD or not. This will cause problems with newer motherboards who only have HD audio connections.


the case isnt really worth more than £1


Absolutely puke-worthy... Won't vote hot/cold because for a 10yr old that thing will make you the envy of your mates. Definately not a pretty case by any stretch of the imagination though.

u get what u pay for i bet its so flimsy, u r best to buy a good solid case that will keep the pc cool...

As a system builder of many years, I can say that CiT make some decent budget cases (fromerly known as ColoursIT), however this isn't one of them! It's just a gimmick and better gimmicks can be found for similar money. CiT's normal cases are fine and better built than some of the shoddy stuff Asus have put out over the years - I wont touch them with a barge pole. It's always worth buying a good power supply with CiT cases though unless you're on a tight budget.

As a system builder as well, I can definitely say that with cases, you get what you pay for these days.

Common problems with cheap cases are usually:[LIST=1]
[*]Sharp metal edges (slices fingers)
[*]Poor screw holes (cross-threading)
[*]Tacky mic/ear plugs (which soon break)
[*]Cheap fans (usually very noisy)
[*]Innaccessible bays (meaning you have to take many things out to get at a drive depending on board configuration, or some bays cannot be used at all)
[*]No insulation (normal sounds seem louder than before)
[*]Appearance (looks good in photos, but cheap & tatty next to desk)
[*]Other problems I can't remember but sure there will be

Ebuyer had a reduction on Antec P-180/182 mini ATX case when I bought mine for around £50 (on offer) and I've built one's using the mid case too, and can say without hesitation I would never go back to cheap cases. The sound difference alone makes for a quiet life, buttons are sturdy, and it's sound-proofed in every way you can think of.

I haven't voted this cold, as I know when buying budget, everything has to be taken into account. But if the case becomes useless after 6 months, and has to be returned or replaced, then it's a false economy.

Hope this bit of advice helps.

tbh not very "chavvish" as i do not know a single chav who can build a pc around a case.

anyway ... i have something very similar and it looks the business, very good value for this money


Looks more like a mercades bus to me.

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