City of God DVD & City of Men (2 DVD) only £3.99 each + Free Delivery/Quidco @ HMV

City of God DVD & City of Men (2 DVD) only £3.99 each + Free Delivery/Quidco @ HMV

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Found 22nd Feb 2009
Youth gangs took over the slums of Rio de Janiero during the 1960s and didn't relinquish their stronghold until the mid-1980s. Only a sucker wouldn't have turned to crime and this is exactly how naive teen Rocket (Alexandre Rodrigues) views himself. His attempts in illegal activity fail as he finds potential victims too friendly. Equally unsuccessful in love, he regularly fails to lose his virginity. Blood spills throughout the streets of the Ciudad de Deus as gang leader Li'l Ze (Douglas Silva) is challenged by local druglords and a gang of pre-teens known as the Runts. Rocket shoots all of this action with his weapon of choice, a camera.
Director Fernando Meirelles combines visual flashiness with dark history in telling the story of three decades of unrest in underground Rio de Janiero. Technically flawless, the Brazilian film uses a rapid-cutting style to flash back and forth in time. Cinematographer Cesar Charlone shoots with an overexposed glow in a film that may seem numb to violence, but reveres photography. Director Meirelles was assisted by Kaita Lund, a filmmaker who had previously shot in the Rio ghettos.

Special Features
News From A Private War- Feature
Widescreen 1.85:1
Dolby Digital 5.1
Languages- Portuguese
Subtitles- English, English Hearing Imapired
Region 2/PAL/Colour
Running Time 124 Minutes


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City Of Men (2 DVD) £3.99…463
From the director of 'City Of God', comes 'City Of Men', a television spin-off series chronicling the struggle of Laranjinha (Darlan Cunha) and Acerola (Douglas Silva) trying to avoid the drug trade and survive in the violent streets of Rio De Janeiro.
Following the success of Fernando Mereillas' City of God, comes the spin-off tv series City of Men. City of Men takes place in a Rio slum, and agin was filmed using local actors. Gritty Brazilian street life is brought to life in this portrayal of young people caught up in a cycle of poverty and the drug trade.
These two series of 'City Of Men', nine episodes in all across two DVDS, combine a sharp sense of humour with a startlingly grim reality and brings the freshest and most exciting Brazilian talent to the small screen.
Special Features
Cast and crew interviews
Behind-the-scenes footage

brutal yet great film


and better than slumdog

A really good film i was suprised when i saw it a few years ago.

Good Deal, Voted Hot ! :thumbsup:

VERY good film. Like the Brazillian goodfellas. Seeing it at this price upsets me, haha.
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