Civil Music Sampler - Download Free @ Amazon

Civil Music Sampler - Download Free @ Amazon

Found 27th Nov 2011
Dance & Electronic Sampler Not attracting a brilliant review, but Free , So worth posting for those who like this genre.

Original Release Date: 7 Nov 2011
Label: Civil Music
Copyright: 2011 Civil Music
Total Length: 53:39

1. Island Kuhn
2. Falling in Love Kotchy
3. Sunflower Reason or Romanza
4. Like D's Bees Debruit
5. Lost in Space (Kuhn Remix) Starkey
6. Sirens (Jeeks Remix) The Starlings
7. Main Sequence Star Reso
8. Prawn Cocktail Om Unit
9. Picture Darling Farah
10. Cold Lazarus (Drums of Death's Club Mix) Drums Of Death
11. Beasts in the Basement (VIP) Reso
12. Gamma Rays (Bricks VIP) Starkey
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Further Free Downloads from the official site Currently there are 36 free tracks. Here (Email Required here though)
Nice find, thanks.
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Nice find, thanks.

Thank You
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