Civilization Chronicles boxset (PC) - £19.98 delivered

Civilization Chronicles boxset (PC) - £19.98 delivered

Found 9th Jan 2007
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Saw this at my local GAME store. Couldn;t bring myself to buy it but is a great deal I think for all 4 civilization games. I'm just worried about the amount of time I will spend playing this should I buy it.

Anyway, Product description:
With more than six million units sold, Sid Meiers strategy and simulation-driven Civilization is recognized as one of the greatest gaming franchises of all time, and now for the first time, the entire series is compiled in one behemoth package. The set will include: Sid Meiers Civilization I, Sid Meiers Civilization II, Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds, Civilization II: Conflicts in Civilization, Civilization II: Test of Time, Sid Meiers Civilization III, Sid Meiers Civilization III: Play the World, Sid Meiers Civilization III: Conquests and Sid Meiers Civilization IV.

The Civilization series has a long and critically acclaimed lineage and Sid Meier's Civilization Chronicles is a showcase of Sid Meier's brilliant franchise that will include extras and additions that fans will love:


* Civilization: The Card Game: An original tabletop card game designed by Civilization IV lead designer Soren Johnson, featuring more than 250 custom cards and rules based on Civilization IV.
* The Chronicles of Civilization: A 96-page book containing the history of Civilization, as told through interviews with past Civilization designers, an interview with Sid Meier and lead designer Soren Johnson, an article by journalist and author Steven L. Kent on the significance of the series in the computer gaming industry, and other original literature.
* Video DVD: DVD content includes a detailed presentation by lead designer Soren Johnson and artist Dorian Newcomb about the creation of Civilization IV, complemented by gameplay footage of every iteration of the game, game trailers from the Civilization series and more.
* Even more! Other exciting extras for fans and newcomers alike include printed tech tree posters from each game, wallpaper images, podcast MP3s and more!


Great price, great games, but all of them are nearly the same lol


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Yeah it's a bargainous collectors item.
Contains ALL civilization games and expansion packs up to the latest Civilization 4 game which on it's own should be at least £15.

Plus you get all the collector item goodies!
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