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Civilization V PC @ 365games.co.uk

Civilization V PC @ 365games.co.uk

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Civ V for PC - cheapest I can see. Amazon have it for £25, and The Game Collection for £24.

Great game, and immensly addictive!


Good price for a rubbish game. Cold.

If you don't already own it get Civ 4 Complete, if you do then try to feel content as you've already got the best Civ game by far.

It should be branded Civ V: Incomplete, bugged to fcuk & shallow.

Original Poster

Couldn't disagree more. I've not encountered any bugs thus far.

As for claiming the gameplay is shallow - just because it removed some of the fluff from Civ IV, doesn't mean it's shallow. I personally enjoy playing the game without worrying about all the sliders, graphs, information pages, etc. You may find this level of detail enjoyable, but I find it tiresome, and that's why they've taken it out.

The game has been streamlined to try to appeal to a wider audience. Just because you prefer the detail of Civ IV, doesn't make this a rubbish game, as the current score on Metacritic proves.

And lastly, voting a post cold when it's the cheapest you can get it just because you don't like the game = fail.
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Gone up to £26.99 now. Try play.com - instock at £24.99 with free delivery.
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