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C.K Automatic Wire Stripper £16.98 + Free collection @ Toolstation

£16.98£2015% off
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Decent saving as I paid full price a month ago. Was cheaper a few years ago but think this is the cheapest it's likely to be with costs going up on everything recently.

Save time while working on electrical tasks using the C.K Automatic Wire Stripper. This versatile product is suitable for stripping both flat and round cables and wires. All it takes is two clicks to remove the outer sheath, as well as extracting the inner conductors in a cable.

The tool is equipped with a micro-adjustment knob you can use on wires that are smaller than 0.2mm². It features crimping jaws for insulated or non-insulated terminals. An integrated adjustable stripping length stop ensures you get consistent results. Its hardened steel blades give the stripper great precision and sharpness. They also mean the product will have a long service life. The wire is inserted sideways so it's possible to cut multiple small wires together, making for a neat finish. The ergonomic easy push handle helps to prevent your hands from getting strained for fatigue free repetitive usage.

• Strips wire in a fraction of the time compared to traditional tools

• Automatically adjusts to give damage free stripping of flat and round wires

• Hardened steel blades for a long working life

• Micro adjustment knob for stripping wires smaller than 0.2mm2

• Strip depth stop

• Crimping jaws for insulated/non-insulated terminals

• Stripping wire lengths of 0.5mm to 6mm

• Cutting from HRC 40 - 50

• For crimping 0.5 to 6mm terminals
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    These are cheaper and the same quality, I own both.

    Sinleeug Wire Stripper,3-IN-1 Wire Stripping Tool for Cable Stripper & Wire Cutters & Terminal Crimper,AWG10-24 Universal Wire Strippers for Electrical amzn.eu/d/j…FdG
    These are definitely not the same
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    My CK ones still going strong although getting a little tired now. Had em since 2017 and they have stripped hard 💰💅

    No matter what brand , the length guide always snaps......
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    What would be a good budget one that does everything for cat 6 network cable? This one only strips the cables but not fixes into the RJ45 plug?
    Don't use this on network cable. You can get any cheap £15 crimp tool from Amazon or the like to do network cable.

    Make sure to get the passthrough style tool and connectors .....so much easier.

    Also cat 6+ is generally a little thicker cable so pushing the ends on can be a tiny bit more fiddly......

    I do thousands of them , fingers become leather
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    Got a pair last time on offer can’t believe I spent years stripping wires with pliers and stanley knife
    Look at Mr fancy pants over here using pliers and a Stanley knife instead of his teeth.
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    Paid £25 last month
    Me too, feels bad!
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    Got these and they're good. Replaced some cheap amazon ones which were good to start with and then kept coming loose and losing spring to them
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    Great find cheers mate
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    I have some AM-tech one's and they are an absolute joy to use. I find myself look for reasons to strip the cover off cables.
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    I bought some when I hurt my wrist and found them to be decent and they earned a place in my toolbox...Until they broke a couple months in. Possibly stripping too many 6mm cables
    Would you buy again?

    Asking as I'm deciding between this and the fatmax.

    Ultimately, all tools wear down or can break.

    The mechanism on automatic wire strippers are one of the more complex ones you find in a hand driven tool.
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    How do these ones differ from the "Pro" versions does anyone know?

    cef.co.uk/cat…pro (edited)
    Just looking at the picture they don't appear to be any different at the top than the regular ones. They're lacking the crimper section at the handle end. Perhaps they have softer grips. (edited)