CK Obsession men edt-125ml £15 @Superdrug

CK Obsession men edt-125ml £15 @Superdrug

Found 25th Mar 2011Made hot 29th Mar 2011
Found on MSE. 10 and 20% off codes available. 9% quidco or 11% topcashback.



don't understand why this didn't get hot?Still in stock just ordered,heat thanks Raven


This is a spray right? Also how much is the final price if you take into consideration the discounts/quidco etc?
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20% code ILOVEMUM is expired now

this has already been posted today.

search other thread for working code.

13.49 delivered if you use the facebook11 code, less any quidco, etc. that may or may not track....

Ordered one, very good deal, thank you!

How does it smell? Doesn't seem to get very good reviews.


I think it smells lovely, but just wanted to know if this is a spray or or not, as my current one is an aftershave

Or are all edt's sprays?
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just ordered thanks hooooot :P


I think it smells lovely, but just wanted to know if this is a spray or … I think it smells lovely, but just wanted to know if this is a spray or or not, as my current one is an aftershaveOr are all edt's sprays?

edt-s r sprays..

13.49 delivered using facebook11... cracking deal.. ordered 1..

Amazing deal ordered one! Too bad I am leaving for vacation for a month Guess it's gonna have to stay at the reception.. oh well!

Just ordered, Thanks, Cool Deal, cheapest elsewhere is £29.99


Finally bought 2 bottles. £13.49 each -quidco = cant go wrong (unless i regret not buying more later on)

Thanks, guys. Bought one for myself.

Use the code SAVE20 if spending over £30 to get 20% off…437

Its experied

just had a cancellation email. Not pleased.


just had a cancellation email. Not pleased.:(

Yeah, me too. Thing is I ordered a few other items to 'top-up' to £30 so I could use the 20% code (+ topcashback). Won't be to happy if I lose the pro rata discount on the remainder of the order.

Also had a cancellation email - I'd also added a few items to make up the order.
First and last time I'll be using Superdrug - Do these co's not realise that they lose customers this way?
OK I don't see them folding because I won't buy from them. However, the word soon gets round if they're doing this to lots of people!!


"We've successfuly cancelled the following items from your Superdrug Once again thank you for your interest in Superdrug and we look forward to your visiting our site soon."

You can look forward to it all you bluddy like, its as likely to happen as my Ck Obsession turning up at my address.

Can you believe the cheek, the email looks like they have followed a request that we've put in to cancel it. No explanation as to why its been cancelled etc. Im going to have to give them a call at some point. Cheeky buggers.

I had exchanged couple of emails regarding my cancellation of order, they say 1.) The could not control the stock properly online. 2) It was end of line clearance and that is why they cannot honor the order.

But I say there should have been a communication before cancellation of an order.

I found it quite rude. Probably won't be using superdrug anymore.
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