Unfortunately, this deal has expired 24 January 2023.
Posted 21 December 2022

Claim A Samsung Chromebook 4 With The Purchase Of The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Or Samsung Galaxy S22 From Participating Retailers @ Samsung

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

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New promo just started, lots of retailers again, claim here > 2021.samsungpromotions.claims/chromebookoffer/en-GB/qualifying

Devices included:

Galaxy S21 FE SM-G990B / F-MG990B
Galaxy S22 SM-S901B / F-MS901B
Galaxy S22 Ultra SM-S908B / F-MS908B
Galaxy S22+ SM-S906B / F-MS906B

New Year. New set-up.
Buy a qualifying Galaxy S21 FE or any Galaxy S22 from a participating retailer between 21st December 2022 - 24th January 2023 to be eligible for a Galaxy Chromebook 4 in Platinum Titan.

Submit a claim.
Submit your claim within 60 days of your purchase date, as shown on your receipt or invoice.

We check your claim.
We'll let you know within 5 working days whether your claim has been approved.

You can check its progress anytime by using Track My Claim.

Get your Galaxy Chromebook 4.Once your claim has been approved, you'll receive your Galaxy Chromebook 4 within 45 days.

Your reward will be sent to whichever address you provide when submitting your claim. All you need to do is wait!

Any questions?
To see answers to Frequently Asked Questions or to contact our team directly, please visit the Help & Support page.

For full details about this promotion please see the Terms, or for information about how we manage your personal data please see the Samsung Privacy Policy.

  • Our new smartphone is based on what you love, so you can experience and enjoy exactly that every day
  • Portrait mode focuses on the subject - simply add an effect to give the recording a different mood, and then upload it directly from your 5G phone to your social media
  • An immersive mobile phone screen that is so impressive that you can almost forget what is real; the large dynamic AMOLED display with up to 120 Hz of the Galaxy S21 FE 5G allows vibrant colours and brightness even in bright sunlight
  • The powerful processor is energy efficient and so smart that you can experience graphic-heavy gaming and multitasking tasks from your Android phone as you wish
  • The 4500 mAh battery, together with the energy-efficient display and powerful processor, ensures a long battery performance, even in the 5G network, so you can watch many episodes and many of the latest drops without having to put your 5G smartphone

Samsung More details at

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  1. colb11's avatar
    Gutted when I saw this deal. They've massively increased the S21 FE price on the EPP site again for this offer. No interest in a poor quality chromebook. And it's bloody running until 24th of Jan!
  2. vassy4u's avatar
    sajidtg's avatar
    You have some personal problem with me, but rest assure, I will post whatever I feel is deal.
  3. jhnthyn's avatar
    Very poor chromebook. Horrible dull screen.
    Turret's avatar
    Agreed. But it's free...
  4. MrGinger2612's avatar
    Guessing this is the the start of trying to shift S22 stock for the S23. In the market for a new phone atm and deciding on S22 but hate the Exynos and apparently bad battery, Zenfone 9 which is still quite expensive, or wait for the S23 at who knows what price.
    Still solid deal.
    dangrenade's avatar
    Don't get the s22. Battery life is crap, gets warm very quickly. For me it's a step backwards from my s20.
    I normally change every 2 years but can see the S23 being purchased as I'm not sure how slow this will be in another 18 months.
  5. Taz09's avatar
    Is s20 any good ?
    Deal_Veteran's avatar
    I would say so. It is also the last of the Samsung flagship phones to allow a memory card. Plus, the screen and build quality are better than the S21 (as far as I know) although that is also a matter of opinion.
  6. njdavis103's avatar
    Possibly not as good as the cashback deal unless you really need a low quality chromebook. Resale of the Chromebook c. £100-£120 looking at eBay.
    MrSwitch's avatar
    I mean, it's still a free chromebook

    Which is more than we would ever get from Apple and the likes (edited)
  7. u664541's avatar
    I would never switch to Samsung, I love my phone.
    1988dave's avatar
    But then...... You do
  8. G0rdonGekko's avatar
    Samsung still trying to offload these Chromebooks?

    Decent deal if you're after the phone. £100 cashback was a better deal (for the FE).

    Samsung Chromebooks suck, this included. You would have thought Samsung would nailed this market, given how good their phones and tablets are. (edited)
  9. alex_bishop's avatar
    If you go with o2, you can claim a £200 Mastercard on top of this
    Sendero's avatar
    Any link please?
  10. deleted2646400's avatar
    Feel like the chromebook would be really hard to sell on. If you can sell it for £150, then the s21 fe is a better deal than before, s22 is same, s22+ is worse.
  11. Dusty666's avatar
    Samsung S22 Ultra at £889 0r £256 gig for £999 plus 300 cashback is better imo with 3 years interest free. Sold the missus S20 ultra and in total with cashbak think it worked out at £11.53/month plus unlimited mins text and 6 gig on ee for £7. £18.53 for 3 years she's well chuffed. Deal still on. I got the 512 gig as S22 Ultra does NOT have expandable memory slot. Good deal though but personally go for cash back and buy a descent pc, tablet etc.
    kazkdp's avatar
    Hey Dusty, Just to confirm, The S22 Ultra doesn't have two SIM option? Thank you!
  12. crixus's avatar
    I wonder if can upload same receipt and IMEI as for the 100 cashback deal and get both. Actually probably not, and don't wanna jeopardise the 100 being paid!
    i2pm's avatar
    To claim the previous cashback deal you must make a purchase between 01/12/2022 to 20/12/2022.
    To claim this new chromebook deal, you must make a purchase between 21/12/2022 to 24/01/2022.

    So not possible to apply for both deals, as their dates do not collide. (edited)
  13. Smartguy1's avatar
    Chromebook is worth £100 if you can sell it for that. I got about £85 after fees and wish I had taken the £180 for my Huawei p20 pro which was on offer at the time. £80 for the phone +£100 upgrade.
    ohsomeonenew's avatar
    Yeah I could only sell it for 100 last time. Previous offer was better.
  14. connect2deals's avatar
    Did anyone order this and get an email confirmation? Not got any email, wondering if I typed it in wrong.
's avatar