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Claim Free Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro when you buy Galaxy Z Flip4 or Galaxy Z Fold4 at a Participating retailer by 29 Sept @ Samsung

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Hi, Samsung has new offer where you can grab free pair of new Buds 2 Pro - RRP £219
If you purchased new Flip 4 or Fold 4 you can get free earbuds.


Don't forget about claiming £100 Google Play Voucher as well!

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    If I claim earphones what other freebie can I claim? Or just 1 free item per order?
    Please note: Qualifying purchases of a Galaxy Z Flip 4/ Fold4 between 10th August, 2022 - 31st December, 2022 may also be eligible to claim a Starter Kit (Stand Case with S Pen and 25W Travel Adapter). Please head to this promotion for more information.
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    I have various IEM, Sony SM4, Jabra 65T, Airpods and the gen 1 Samsung Buds Pro.
    Samsung have now nailed talk quality, noise cancelled is even better and the addition of HiRes for Qobuz is sublime.

    That said at the moment good look getting anything delivered by Samsung, orders places are being pushed to September 8th at least.
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    Preordered the Fold 4 on release day..

    £1649 headline price

    £550 trade in for a Flip 3 128GB
    £100 Samsung voucher in the box
    Note Pack
    Insurance for 1 year
    Disney+ 12 month sub
    £100 Google Play voucher (if it arrives)
    Buds 2 Pro

    I'm happy with that!
    512gb Fold 4

    15% student discount
    = £1503

    £250 trade in for a broken s3 mini

    Quidco £70 Cashback

    Sold Fold 3 on ebay for £700

    Total upgrade cost: £483

    + Buds pro 2 =£119
    + Official Samsung 15w wireless charger = free
    + all other complimentary perks including Disney + (edited)
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    I bought fold 4 from Amazon ,am I qualified for this pro buds 2 to make a claims?
    Yes, as long as it was Amazon UK you bought from. Info is on the link.
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    Big thanks for this post. Applied last night and got the approval email through a few hours ago!

    Scooped a free pair of earbuds!

    Replying to

    Ok I'll wait and see if they send me anything for the imei 2 claim and if not I'll contact them as they should have sent me an email when submitted 1st claim
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    Thanks OP -- I was momentarily fuming until I saw it was backdated hah.
    My Buds+ via this kind of freebie are still going strong but won't say no to new ones....little bit miffed that they don't really do Buds with wing tips anymore so curious how these will fit!

    Edited to add, I went through and submitted a claim...don't remember having to take a photo of the IMEI screen last time but seems to have gone through OK (edited)
    I still have the galaxy buds+, but I have seen some reviews saying that the new buds are very comfy and stay in just as well
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    People try sell headphones these but they go for next to nothing on eBay
    Sold listings show them going for as much as £185?
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    Is there a link to claim for the £100 Google play credit and also disney+? The amount of promotions is mental.

    Already done claims for the note pack, got £100 samsung voucher and ordered buds2, and claimed for buds2 pro.
    Disney plus is through "Samsung boost" site. Just google Samsung boost but make sure you do it on a galaxy device and through the Samsung internet app so you can login with your device and claim the code
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    I was thinking of upgrading from my S20+ to an S22 Ultra, but now not sure if I should upgrade to Fold 4 instead, but now can't make up mind! Would be interested if anyone has an opinion on this?

    Replying to

    For me, I think of it as a tablet with phone features. I don't need a tablet, this fills the gap between phone and computer.

    I mainly work from home so have it unfolded most of the day. Just being able to quickly grab it and browser websites in full desktop view, watching YouTube and reading the comments and live chat at the same time. I use Reddit (Boost app) quite a bit which I find works wonderfully on the Fold. So just doing the stuff I wouldn't normally do on my phone but now everything is bigger (almost everything)
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    Rang up to check and they've put the Buds Pro 2 claim through during the call. Just need the trade ins to go through and then hopefully home and dry.

    Guess we'll hear about the Play Store stuff in a few weeks.

    Replying to

    0330 054 5450
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    Just had an email to say Buds 2 Pro have been dispatched. Anyone know what the going rate is for them? CEX don't seem to list the V2.

    Easily shifted the Buds Live for £40 but don't know what these are "worth".

    (Just trying to reduce the cost of changing phone)
    Were going for £160 on ebay before this, but promotion means you'll probably get less.

    Most recent sold on ebay went for £115-140
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    Backdated to include all pre-orders it looks like too?
    I ordered yesterday while the preorder offers were still on and this seems to be the case.

    Any Flip 4 or Fold 4 purchased from 10th August it says in the FAQ, plus it explicitly says you can claim along with other offers such as the starter kit for Fold 4.
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    Ridiculous RRP on the buds 2
    Agreed -- does anyone ever pay RRP (and without incentives)?
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    Annoys me that these things don't just come in the box and we have to "claim" them
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    Ha! Posted this in the Google credit post, thought it was a new offer but wasn't sure. Another £200 worth of freebies with my new Fold 4!
    EDIT: Claim approved already!! (edited)

    Replying to

    Yes, Buds Pro 2 claim was approved within a couple of hours
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    My wife made a claim and sent the proof of purchase without the date on. They responded with the claim number to logon and submit more information but the website doesn't accept the number.
    same. I had to goto the help section and provide the information.
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    Plus 15% off? Used this earlier on samsung site.

    Doesn't seem to work
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    Seems Samsung are emailing everyone now as well.
    Weirdly, my email says to visit the claim site from 01 September, but it's live now?
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    I preordered the Flip 4, i've got my £100 samsung, hopefully get google credit too, and the buds.

    Just wondering is there any other promotions atm worth spending the £100 samsung on, since it expires in september. (edited)
    Do you know when exactly it expires?
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    I spoke to samsung Cust Service on the phone, anyone who has already made the starter kit will have to make the claim again using the new URL on this main post. Its counted as a new and separate claim for a new separate promotion, no need to reference old claim
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    i preordered my flip 4 and would not have known this offer otherwise, i received no email as mentioned ..cheers op for the heads up
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    Don't forget to buy a 10% code off eBay for £2.50. I'm going to try and find an old phone, then sell my s22 ultra, sell the buds 2 Pro, plus the 10% and should all work out at about £75 for the flip 4 256.
    Does the phone need to be android?
    Any phone will do. I bought old iPhone for £15 on Facebook and swapped it for £250 off 😁.
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    Thanks for this OP, submitted my claim less than 3 hours ago and just got it approved!

    Replying to

    I did a screenshot from phone but don't see why they wouldn't accept a photo of box sticker. You can only try and see if they accept, if not ask recipient of phone to give you screenshot?
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    Got an email from work offering 50% off a fold 4/ flip4! Ordered the Flip4 which included The buds2 pro as well as D+ for 12 months for £499! Wonder if the £100 credit can be gotten too? Lol (edited)

    Replying to

    BT Group, it was limited to 450 employees.
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    I've been reading through the discussion but there are so many different deals and I'm getting a bit confused, can someone summarise the offers available please?
    This is the only deal thats live anymore. Free Galaxy Buds & Disney+.
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    My phone arrives on Tuesday. Does that mean I have to wait until it arrives for me to start redeeming everything?
    you need the IMEI number to make the claims
  27. Avatar
    Weird how some people received near instant confirmation of their claim.

    Word to the wise but if your tracking isn’t working, double check which promotional site you’re on. There seem to be at least three different micro sites
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    got the flip , all good.

    i traded in some old Motorola phone. in the packaging it said to look at the included leaflet for instructions to send it back, but there isnt a leaflet! there is a pre paid sticker but i am at a loss as to what i need to include in the box to make sure there are no issues..
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    Finally got my confirmation and buds 2 pro will be here within 45 days (edited)
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    Pre-ordered the flip 4 256gb for my wife via epp (as she broke her phone just at the right time!).
    At the same time ordered a watch 5 for myself.
    with trade in and accessories, all came to about £800
    Flip arrived on the 22nd with a £100 voucher in the box,
    so used that with my Samsung rewards credit from my fold 3 purchase to get the buds 2 pro for about £60 more.
    just had all three claims approved,
    pair of classic buds with the watch 5
    a wireless charger with the buds 2 pro
    and a pair of buds 2 pro with the flip 4.
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    Do you need to screenshot the imei number and send a photo or just type it in for buds2 pro claim?…
    Would like to know this too. I was able to get the flip cheaply through work so going to sell it on. Would like to claim the buds if possible though
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    Had to send my Buds2 Pro back as the mics won't work on anything (samung devices / windows etc) so hoping it was just me getting an early batch and not the norm
    Waiting for the replacement
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    Claimed one last year with S21 or 22. Ear buds dispatched around 8 months ago with email confirmation. Never arrived. Waiting still. Not sure if anyone else has the same issue.
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    I'm getting told by Samsung support in chat that I can't claim until I have my order for either buds 2 or for Play credit. The page for Play credit currently says you only need order number, email address and name to claim the Play credit but the agent is insisting the website is wrong and I can only claim with buds or credit when I have received my order
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    I bought direct from Samsung but haven’t had an invoice number which you need to make a claim. Sick of hanging on for Samsung customer services. Any ideas
    Have you not had an email from samsung with a vat receipt cause if download that it has all the info on
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    Oh lord, so many comments and good advice!!! Where to start though????....could I get the deal through Amazon or is the scrappage scheme better when buying directly through Samsung?....don't know where to start

    By the way, thanks posting and heated up!
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    I got a leaflet and pre paid sticker but no return bag. Do they come separately or should it have came in the box.
    I just packaged mine up myself and put the sticker on and I sent it to them and kept proof of postage. I got an email from them saying they had received my trade in device and there was nothing else I had to do at this time. I did receive another letter from samsung a few days after with the blue bag and return sticker but I wouldn't recommend sending your trade in phone in that bag as its very thin.
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    Does anyone have the links for the case claim, insurance, disney and £100 google play credit. So Far I have claimed the buds and case.
    See here for Disney Plus
    Can't help on the others but for the insurance I added it as part of the checkout process so was an item in my basket but at £0. Might need to speak to customer service if you didn't do that.
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    Just had an email through that I need to send a screenshot of my IMEI. Anyone else?
    I had that on my application form, I had an email asking for PDF of my purchase though.
  40. Avatar
    any vouchers going ?
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