Claim free samples of Tea India Chai

Claim free samples of Tea India Chai

Found 28th Aug 2017Edited by:"gbharatkumar"
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Signed up thank you
Won't except my post code tried it different ways thanks a
Done, thanks.
Problem with address too
In the terms it says - enter from 24 march 2016 to 30 march 2016?
Holi festival is in March so not sure if this is expired.
What size are the samples
JodyD2 h, 7 m ago

In the terms it says - enter from 24 march 2016 to 30 march 2016?

thanks for pointing this out..

waste of time.. COLD
We've submitted your entry successfully!
Seems to have worked for me.
Thanks, worked for me too.
Gopher425 h, 33 m ago

Problem with address too[Image]

Same here
Edited by: "sydney2" 28th Aug 2017
has anyone received anything yet?
Thanks OP.
Very weird, not working for me based in London but my partner who is outside of it... Very weird
Cheers op for good deal
Your going to be waiting a along time for your samples!!! There is no 5,000 samples and as @JodyD said it is from March 2016 (Holi)... Would be good if members posting these "freebies" check the infomation first. Its not very hard to!

I applied for these last year and received nothing!
Says I've already entered the competition
They're sending me a load of crap emails that i dont read but no tea yet. Thats why normally i do not do any so called 'free' deals
Edited by: "Anon32" 3rd Sep 2017
Just crap emails and no tea. Shouldn't have voted hot just a spam deal! Waste of time
finally got rid of their awful email! What utter junk and no teas whatsoever just competitions and maybe some free stuff! It's all a load of cobblers! This is cold and wish i did vote cold. never gain will i sign up to this crap
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