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Claim Up To £300 Cashback On Selected TV & Audio Including Soundbars @ Samsung

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You can claim up to £300 cashback on selected tv's and soundbars on the Samsung and EPP websites currently, new offer started today, Best pricing is via the participating retailers, list is below

How To Claim & Participating Retailers

Usual suspects are John Lewis, Argos, Amazon etc. so maybe bargains to be had

Take your pick from our selected TV and Audio products listed on this page and purchase from a participating retailer between 25th January - 14th March 2023 to be eligible for up to £300 cashback on TVs, and up to £250 on Audio. Claims are limited to a maximum of 4 per household and 10 per business.

To claim a bonus £50 cashback, you'll need to buy 1 TV and 1 Audio Product from the same retailer within the promotion period. This can either be part of one transaction, or purchased on different days.

Purchases containing 2 TVs or 2 Audio Products will not be eligible for bonus cashback.

Purchased your products separately?
Make sure to use the same email address when submitting additional claims.To qualify for more than 1 bonus cashback, purchase an additional TV and Audio Product from the same or another participating retailer.Please note: A maximum of 2 bonus cashback amounts may be claimed per household or 5 per business.
Samsung More details at Samsung

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    Trying to add the OLED TV to my basket but the free soundbar doesn't appear in my basket, am I missing something?
    I spoke to samsung. On the epp there are issues on the site and they're working on it. He said try again around 3pm. Same with cashback ts and cs
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    Same issue with John Lewis. Increased price if 75” Neo 95B. Was £2899 and now £3299. What’s the point. No true saving.
  3. Avatar
    Switchy I rate you for responding to the comments and helping out with alternative deals so quickly.
    I don't think people realise I have to use a link in the get deal link, it's up to them to search for other prices, well in this case it's me doing that
  4. Avatar
    They've jacked up RRP's big time
    Check participating retailers, they have not
  5. Avatar
    Has anyone received £300 from last year's promotion?
    Received 20 days of Christmas £300 cashback on Monday. Brought the q930 soundbar also using FB 25% off promo. Ended up paying around £374. Still waiting to see if TCB will pay out another £20 odd. But happy with what I paid so far (edited)
  6. Avatar
    Looks like Samsung Discount Portals are not eligible for the Cashback. (edited)
    49394971-QnPkn.jpgYeah, I've seen that on the banner, but the Help and Support section contradicts. (edited)
  7. Avatar
    Costco are on the list and still have the S95B 65 inch in stock at £1798.99…003 (edited)
    Avoid this model, saw a video on YouTube and the guy had to get it replaced 3 times because the screen is sooooo thin and was bent every time he received his replacement
  8. Avatar
    Description says you need to buy a TV AND Sound bar? Have I read that right?
    If you buy two together you get a bonus £50
  9. Avatar
    Samsung frame 55 was 799 last week on epp with Samsung lite s6 for free. Now it's 1039 with sound bar and money back. Previous offer was better to be honest.
  10. Avatar
    Voted cold just looked and the 55inch neo qIed purchased two weeks ago for 1099 has now gone up to 1299
    What is the model number?
  11. Avatar
    Voted hot! However, some of the prices at Samsung have gone up big time. For example the Q930B soundbar was £700-800, now they put it up to £950 and £250 cashback. I can't see anyone paying £950 for that soundbar.
    Perhaps better looking at other retailers, I've posted a deal at £469 and there is a possibility of another £50 off if price match works.
    Just 'on time' when I was getting ready to sell my Q700A... (edited)
  12. Avatar
    Richers sound raised now, just missed out
    I was on their website about 30min ago and noticed that they were doing 65" Samsung OLED for £1799 and now it's £1999

    Are companies that stupid that customers won't notice the price hike?
  13. Avatar
    RicherSounds have bumped the price up as well, my mate bought a 65" OLED Samsung last week, its gone up £300 just checked
    Yeh I was on their website not long ago this morning and bumped up 65" Samsung OLED from £1799 to £1999
  14. Avatar
    I literally bought a eligible tv model from Amazon two days ago and it’s just been delivered in the last hour
    Send it back?
  15. Avatar
    Urgh I'm gutted. Recently bought 2 x Samsung Q800 - got Richer Sounds to price match £500 (they usually sell for £650). Took delivery Monday. If I'd bought today I'd have got £250 cashback off each.
    The price is 650 now at RS
  16. Avatar
    Leaving it just now. Prices are jumping all over the place. Soundbar also missing.

    TV I was looking at. Was £1289, but over £1500 in the basket. Then Over £1500, and £1439 in the basket.

    That was in EPP.
  17. Avatar
    My deal was better replace an old TV which cost me just over £1000 when it became faulty for a brand new one which was a Samsung qn95b with no extra cost to myself.
    Can you give me the same deal?
  18. Avatar
    Yet another BIG SCAM from Samsung sorry but stone cold from me.
    Same for LG models. Price went up £200-300 since new year. Now everywhere offering 10% off the higher prices. Fun and games.
  19. Avatar
    Does anyone know if going through EPP (Blue Light Card) wether it's still eligible for the cashback? The FAQs state:

    "Purchases made via one of our Samsung discount portals or using a staff discount are not eligible for this promotion."

    But on the product pages cashback amounts are shown.
  20. Avatar
    Anyone find a decent price for 95b 55" ?