Unfortunately, this deal has expired 42 seconds ago.
Posted 17 February 2023

Up to £80 Cashback on Selected Samsung SSDs (e.g. 2TB 980 Pro - £182 / £136.54 after £40 CB + TCB) @ Samsung

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

2TB 980 pro £136 after £40 CB + 3% TCB: hotukdeals.com/deals/2tb-samsung-980-pro-pcie-gen4-x4-nvme-ssd-ps182-ps142-after-samsung-cashback-at-samsung-4088750

Qualifying SSDs and participating retailers *

To take part in this promotion, you'll need to have bought a qualifying Samsung SSD from a participating retailer listed on this page between 15th February - 24th March 2023 to receive up to £80 depending on the product purchased.

Claims are limited to a maximum of 3 per household and 5 per business.

Please note: If you received your T7 Touch as a free gift from a separate Samsung promotion, you will not be able to take part in this cashback promotion.

Heatsink models are not eligible for this promotion.

Purchases must be made from Amazon.co.uk (sold by Amazon UK only, not Amazon EU) and from Amazon UK (as shown by 'Sold by Amazon') only.

Any purchases made via third parties, Amazon Marketplace or from non-UK Amazon branches will not be eligible for this promotion.
Samsung More details at Samsung

Community Updates
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List of all eligible drives with links, model numbers & cashback amount...

990 PRO PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSD 2TB (Black)MZ-V9P2T0BW - £40
Portable SSD T7 Shield USB 3.2 Gen 2 4TB (Black)MU-PE4T0S/EU - £80
Portable SSD T7 Touch USB 3.2 2TB (Black)MU-PC2T0K/WW - £50
Portable SSD T7 Touch USB 3.2 1TB (Silver)MU-PC1T0S/WW £30
870 EVO SATA 2.5" SSD 4TB (Black)MZ-77E4T0B/EU - £70
Portable SSD T7 Touch USB 3.2 2TB (Silver)MU-PC2T0S/WW - £50
Portable SSD T7 Touch USB 3.2 1TB (Black)MU-PC1T0K/WW - £30
980 PRO NVMe™ M.2 SSD 2TB (Black)MZ-V8P2T0BW - £40
870 EVO SATA 2.5" SSD 2TB (Black)MZ-77E2T0B/EU - £30
990 PRO PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSD 1TB (Black)MZ-V9P1T0BW - £30
Portable SSD T7 Shield USB 3.2 Gen 2 2TB (Blue)MU-PE2T0R/EU - £40
Portable SSD T7 Shield USB 3.2 Gen 2 2TB (Black)MU-PE2T0S/EU - £40
Portable SSD T7 Shield USB 3.2 Gen 2 2TB (Beige)MU-PE2T0K/EU - £40

List of qualifying retailers...
Amazon Direct, Ambrose Wilson, Argos, Box, Buy It Direct, CCL Computers Ltd, Currys, Currys (Ireland), Ebuyer, Harrods, Home Essentials, JD Williams, Jessops, John Lewis & Partners, Littlewoods, Novatech, Protape Ltd, Samsung, Samsung.com, Scan, Selfridges, Very, Viking Direct (Office Depot), WH Smith Travel
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  1. Ariell0's avatar
    Getting rid of problematic drives?
    If you decide to buy 980, check your firmware. If it is 3B2QGXA7, then your drive IS affected!
    The fixed firmware versions are 4B2QGXA7 and 5B2QGXA7.

    On Windows: download Samsung Magician to update the firmware.
    On Mac/Linux: follow the comment on Samsung forum: discussions.apple.com/thr…022 (edited)
    charlie12's avatar
    Correction: 980 PRO
  2. LordHippos's avatar
    Fwiw mine also arrived with 5B2QGXA7 firmware which is the latest as of the date of this post.

    Production date: 2022-11-10

    I filled out the cashback form, the SN on the drive is slightly different to that on the box, so you must check the one on the drive itself when applying. (edited)
    micksom's avatar
    Great! Sounds like it's new drives that are being distributed by amazon fingers crossed 🤞

    (assuming you bought through amazon) (edited)
  3. radical's avatar
    2TB 980 pro £136 after £40 CB + 3% TCB: samsung.com/uk/…bw/ (edited)
    Major774's avatar
    Sod it… Just ordered the 2 TB version.

    I got the 1 TB version already but it fills up so quickly because of how big games are nowadays.

    You have to becareful… I decided to order from Samsung themselves because purchases from Amazon must be from Amazon UK… the Amazon link is sold by Amazon EU. (edited)
  4. Jupiter_gr's avatar
    Participating Retailers
    Search resellers
    Amazon Direct
    Ambrose Wilson
    Buy It Direct
    Currys (Ireland)
    Home Essentials
    JD Williams
    John Lewis & Partners
    Protape Ltd
    Viking Direct (Office Depot)
    WH Smith Travel (edited)
  5. TheBearMan86's avatar
    I ordered 980 pro direct from Samsung website. Refuses to accept serial number when completing claim form.
    fashric10's avatar
    Are you using the serial from the box or from the label on the actual ssd? You need the one on the actual ssd label
  6. fashric10's avatar
    I would start multiple claims, just using the different serial numbers for each item you purchased.
  7. royy's avatar
    If anyone's got perks at work it takes it down to 163-80 on samsung site
    womars's avatar
    The devices I looked at were same price last week but T7 touch seems to have dropped £20. 4TB T7 Shield seems
    to have vanished altogether though. 
  8. iby2012's avatar

    For the T7 2tb SSD, If anyone has a £50 off code then this could stack nicely with Very. 190 down to 140 down to £100

    Or the T7 touch silver 1Tb £130 down to £80 down to £50 with the £30 cashback.


    Dont have one myself, but very might send me a letter soon, so could be good. £100 2Tb SSD. Nice (edited)
    Teamkal's avatar
    How again can you get a 2tb for £100 please. Thanks
  9. kingLAWZA's avatar
    Ordered from Samsung, latest firmware: 5B2QGXA7
    micksom's avatar
    What was your production date
  10. jaju123's avatar
    Oh so Amazon is the only retailer?
    jaju123's avatar
    Ok there's actually a list of quite a few.
  11. royy's avatar
    Best one for a ps5 anyone. Thanks. Is the 980 pro any good or is there better (edited)
    Crossbow's avatar
    Best value-wise from the above list is the 980 Pro 2Tb MZ-V8P2T0BW = £139 after the cashback at the current £179 price amazon.co.uk/SSD…8J/ (edited)
  12. fashric10's avatar
    Great deal thanks
  13. micksom's avatar
    Is it worth paying the extra for the 980 heatsink using in a ps5 (without cashback?)
    chris88's avatar
    You can buy a heatsink for around £10.
  14. b4dr1's avatar
    Damn just bought WD SN850X yesterday and got dispatched today!
    Crossbow's avatar
    If it's from Amazon, you can try cancelling the order from within your account before it gets delivered. Even easier to do if you opted to pick it up from a nearby store/hub, if it doesn't get cancelled in time simply don't collect it & it'll get automatically returned & refunded.
  15. new23d's avatar
    Bought a T7 Shield on 14th
  16. SurfX's avatar
    Dang and I only bought a 980 2Tb a few weeks ago... always a better deal tomorrow
  17. new23d's avatar
    Also, please ensure you update firmware before use.
    micksom's avatar
    Is it possible to update the firmware through the ps5 rather than a pc?
  18. runnybabbit's avatar
    Can this be used with the Samsung EPP/student thing for additional discount like last time? I need to ask my gf to set it up.
    Merls's avatar
    Interested to know this too. Couldn't see any mention in the terms.
  19. szocher's avatar
    I guess i can stack it with 15% discount code or other voucher?
  20. ecosse87's avatar
    Since when is quoting the price after cashback in titles allowed?
    Libertas's avatar
    19th Feb 2024
  21. royy's avatar
    Do you need to buy the pro with heatsinc for ps5
  22. ash143's avatar
    Can’t see anything about cash back on Samsung website, anybody know claims link?
  23. royy's avatar
    Anyone got a link for a good heatsinc please
  24. fashric10's avatar
    Got my cashback approved immediately, good stuff
    micksom's avatar
    Where did you purchase it
  25. djeiffel65's avatar
    My 980 Pro 2TB arrived direct from Samsung this morning, and the cashback claim appears to have been approved already.

    It arrived with a 'good' firmware (5B2QGXA7). Annoyingly, to establish this, I had to disassemble half my PC to plug it in (M2 slots are under a cover, the screws for which can't be accessed without removing the graphics card!

    Going to install in the PS5 later, if I can tear my other half away from Hogwarts Legacy for long enough!
    charlie12's avatar
    the cashback claim appears to have been approved already.

    The initial "approval" is always automatic based on basic validation only, but a more thorough manual verification will be made before payout is approved
  26. Timeblast's avatar
    On the listing page it says sold by and dispatches from Amazon, but on the page before confirming the order it says Amazon EU sarl.


    Is that the same for everyone else or will this not be eligible for cashback?
    LordHippos's avatar
    I just noticed my order says it was sold by Amazon EU as well, but I'm sure when I placed the order it just said Amazon!

    This is for the 2TB 980 PRO: amazon.co.uk/gp/…C8J

    They used to flag it on the main page of the product, now it says sold by Amazon but when you click through it's actually sold by Amazon EU.

    If my cashback claim is rejected then I will be returning the drive for a full refund to Amazon, may as well give them the 30 days to see, no rush on my end.
  27. ian_tipper's avatar
    This looks as though it is a scam.
    Try finding anything at all for a promotion covering this period on Samsung's website, nothing.
    I did find something rather similar on trustpilot though
    fashric10's avatar
    How would this scam work exactly? How would they make any money from it?
  28. joedredd's avatar
    Claim "approved" within a minute. Thanks OP @radical
    2TB NVMe

    Mine says manufacturered 4th Dec 2022 so hopefully no need to update the firmware as it's going into a PS5. (edited)
    micksom's avatar
    Where did you purchase it from?
  29. Megamart's avatar
    Got my claim approved.

    This is the second stage, manually-checked approval. Got an e-mail and a text message.

    Waiting for the third and final "We have paid the cashback into your nominated account" notification.

    Purchased from Amazon UK.

    charlie12's avatar
    No, as stated several times already, this is the automatic "approval" based on basic form validation. The final manual verification takes place before payment, which will be weeks from now.

    But if you've followed the terms then you will get paid eventually. (edited)
  30. Akshai_Raj's avatar
    Samsung EPP or Students store eligible for promotion?
  31. Major774's avatar
    Anyone been paid yet.

    My approval email was received on 20 Feb… I am still waiting.
    Mantis.Toboggan's avatar
    Got my cashback today, and received confirmation email on 26 Feb.. Hopefully yours shouldn't take much longer!
  32. lhwjud's avatar
    Any idea how to claim multiple items on the same receipt?
  33. Darkwaxer's avatar
    Did they put the cashback back into the account/card you purchased the drive from?
    charlie12's avatar
    You supply bank details during the claims process which is where the cashback is paid.
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