Claim up to six free coffee bag/pouches from PouchDirect

Claim up to six free coffee bag/pouches from PouchDirect

LocalFound 13th Nov 2017
Ideal for keeping your coffee with you. Claim upto six coffee bag or pouch for free. No postage to pay.

Good reviews on Trustpilot as well.

How does it work?

Requesting a free sample is simple. Please fill out the form below where you select the pouches you want to try. Once we have received this application form, we will send you the samples as soon as possible. We send up to six samples per request free of charge.

Note: Not all colours are available in all models/sizes. Click here to check the possible colour combinations.

* Coffee valve
Our coffee pouches are equipped with a one-way degassing valve. This valve allows excess gas (which coffee still produces for some time after roasting) to escape, while at the same time oxygen cannot enter the coffee pouch. In this way the flavour and aroma of the coffee is excellently preserved.

** VolumeTo determine which size of pouch is right for you, we need to know the volume of your product in millilitres (mL) as each product has its own density. 1 kilo of feathers has more volume than 1 kilo of lead
You can measure the volume very easily. Please pour your product in a measuring cup from the kitchen and read what the volume is in mL. The amount of milliliters determines the size of the stand up pouch.

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Fine, but there's no coffee in them......
No coffee ... why would I lol
Great for food storage at home or loose coffee ...
Thanks, I've chosen ones I can keep other things in as well (sugar & tea). Great for picnics 😊
A side gusset pouch? Not sure I'd want to drink from that.
Useful for if you want to take your favourite coffee on holiday!
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