Claim your FREE copy of The Wind in the Willows

Claim your FREE copy of The Wind in the Willows

Found 12th Jul 2008Made hot 13th Jul 2008
just complete the form and the very short survey t get a free copy of Wind in The Willows. It does say DVD in a couple of places but I can assure you that this is a typo. the offer is definitely a book. There is no P&P to pay and the book will take about a week to arrive.


Given it a go, cheers. :thumbsup:

"By clicking on the button above you agree to receive advertising offers by email and by post from Fair Exchange and our advertising partners. Fair Exchange supports the principle of 'permission marketing' and you will only receive communications from us or our advertising partners where you have given your permission. Read our no-nonsense Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy here."

Fair exchange send a lot of spam emails but I don't know about letters so I'll pass but thanks for posting pinkmelon.

i joined 3 weeks ago got my free dvd in original sealed box not had any other post ect fom them but you are only aloud 1 per house cos i tried he he gr8 post if you have not used them already voted hot and you don't have to fillout the survey just click next each time ........


i give it a go and i voted hot

I can vouch that they do send their freebies, very reliable.

Went through the forms and at the end, it says "You must add at least one product to your order."

meaning that you need to order an extra book!

Not free!

Postage is £1.99 for each additional book!

I have already got a DVD through this offer, and yes they are very good at stopping cheeky people (like me) trying to get more than 1 DVD delivered to the same house, but I haven't noticed any more e-mails than I usually get, I certainly haven't received any junk postal mail, and I received my completely free (no p+p etc) DVD within 2 days. Great freebie. I definately recommend that you get this offer if the product is of interest to you!

Oh and by the way, I received my DVD about 4 months ago - and still no junk mail

I found out by accident that if you join the main site rather than via the special offer, you get a good choice of free dvds. Ouestionnaire is incredibly long but looks like it may be worth it!

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not filled in all the mandatory deatils on the form - happended to me as well


]Free DVD Club deals have been posted loads of times, stop looking for attention and get a life.

I got my book today, cheers
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