Clarks Ankle Boots were £69.99 now £20.99 (3.50 del) @ Clarks

Clarks Ankle Boots were £69.99 now £20.99 (3.50 del) @ Clarks

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Available in black and brown. Good reviews. Just bought some for my lovely lady.

Free delivery on orders over £30.


good price for Clarks boots-heat added

Saw this on MSE earlier. For some reason, delivery to store isn't an option for these, so I ended up ordering black and brown as they are both rather nice and then qualified for free delivery.... so I shall either return one pair, or more likely keep them both as I am not very good at this money saving malarky!

Really want to order these bit the width size is a d and my feet r pretty wide so dont think ill get away with it but hey heat added


i got mine delivered to store

Thanks orders a pair, heat left. I have another pair of clarks boots and they comfy's boots Ive ever had. thankyou for the posting

Thanks for deal. Ordered in size 4. Heat added.

went in to try them on as my feet are wide and sore (arthritiis) need half a size bigger but not bad. I wanted black but they only had brown so I came home to order and found that it was £3.50 as no store delivery. Rang the store and they can order for store delivery but you have to go in as they must not take phone payments, ugh.....ordered two pairs for home delivery and will take one pair back or send them free, (or keep them if I change my mind).

jz ordered two pairs to get free del and will take one back. Can u return in the store?

thanxs going to pick a pair of the black ones up from store 2mmro

Can you take them back to the shop for a refund if they aren't suitable?


OOPS ,sorry didn't mean to shout


thanxs going to pick a pair of the black ones up from store 2mmro

Wow that's fast...usually takes 5 days to do that

Bought both colours. Thanks for the post. THIS IS HOT. Sorry don't know how to do solar flares etc. HUKD virgin!!!

Wife just ordered both colours .....cheers OP ! :thumbsup:

Yes, the web site states you can return to store for full refund to the card you paid for them with.

I like the luna boots- £24.99 50% off but they don't have my size.

ordered one. heat added

Got the brown ones about a week ago for £34.99 and thought that was a good deal as fab boots. Now that they've reduced them down to £20.99 just couldn't resist getting the black pair aswell. HOT!

Nearly bought these a week ago for £35 but now they're reduced even more I bought 2 pairs! Great deal.

Just ordered 2 pairs of the black (2 sizes) cos unsure of which size I am. Over £30 so got free delivery and will take the pair back to shop that doesn't fit. Thank you. I love Clark's boots.:roll:

Nooooooo, missed out again! Littlewoods had these in their sale but sold out in my size almost straight away, just checked clarks site and no size 5 in either colour love these boots!

Thanks for posting this - I went in store today and tried these on but I have wide feet and they were a bit narrow for me but got some other nice ankle boots reduced from £49.99 to £19.99 - fantastic price:)

I thought I'd missed out as didn't have my size a few days ago, but just checked again and they do!!! So ordered them in both colours! Fab bargain, just hope they fit! Cheers op!

Cheers... just ordered both black and brown pair (couldnt resist) TOP DEAL

Thanks op, wife had a black pair delivered today.

Great quality and look really nice BUT size 4 are too small!!!. So have just ordered her size 5 and will posting the others back.

dont like boots that are too hight but these have a high front so they look higher than they are. only on line,,,not in the shops.

Ordered a black pair and a brown pair on Sunday and they came today.

Great price and great boots. Thanks OP, heat and rep added.


OOS now? Too late as always

Mine came today. Even though i'm normally a 5 or 5.5 i got 6's and they are too small!!! Gutted as they oos now, got brown and black pair.

:thumbsup: My 2 pairs arrived today, sizing fine, quality good, was dreading height of heels but they have a slightly built up sole so the heels are not as excessive as I read in reviews after ordering.....pheww! :-D
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