Clarks Exo Skeletal Hydraulic Disc Brake - £27.99 @ CRC

Clarks Exo Skeletal Hydraulic Disc Brake - £27.99 @ CRC

Found 25th Jul 2012
I'm not an expert on disc brakes, but these look excellent for the price!

Clarks Exo Skeletal Hydraulic Disc Brake
- Lightweight & compact 2 piston hydraulic disc brake set.
- 2 finger lever design with reach adjustment.
- Powerful 2 piston single piece cast calliper (dot 4). Sintered pads.
- Post mount design with international standard fitting bracket.
- PTFE hose.
- Rotor: Wavey style rotor for improved modulation.
- Certification: Complies with and exceeds CEN regulations.
- Designed in the UK.
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Yes great price for hydraulic brakes but how much of an improvement would the average cyclist actually notice and would they not actually be worse when wet?
Weather shouldn't make a difference?
If they were worse in the wet, then all cars would still be running on drum brakes.
i have non-Hydraulic disc breaks would this be worth getting?
Something to bear in mind is the £27 price in the default set up makes them the opposite way around on your bars than most will be used too ,as in right hand for rear brake

tbf drum brakes on a car were useless in the wet and dry

That's just flat out not true, as a lot of the budget cars posted on this site (sub <8k) will have rear drums. Unsafe? Not even close.
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