Clarks Mens Slippers now £6.49 delivered @ clarks

Clarks Mens Slippers now £6.49 delivered @ clarks

Found 15th Jan 2011
quidco + topcashback too
excellent reviews also available in grey
Absolutely delighted with the slippers. They are so comfortable that you can fall asleep standing up. The minute one's feet come into contact with the slippers, the body seems to know it is time to relax and starts to shut down, readying itself for bed. Highly recommend
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Thank you
First Christmas present ordered
am I mad
Thanks. Ordered. Now all I need is a pipe.

Thanks. Ordered. Now all I need is a pipe.

nice found,,,just Ordered
They have them in grey too...nice!
Thanks .. have order the grey ... it'll save me having to wear high heels in the house

which should please my wife !
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can you wash these in the washing machine?
dammit size 11 is the max, heat given but were are the real sizes ?
Nice slippers! Ordered, thanks.
Nice price, just speaking from experience though, this type of slipper is a bit of a pain, the back of the slipper quickly goes flat so you are always fumbling to keep your feet in the slipper. Well the last pair i had did anyways.
Hot and ordered.
does anyone know which delivery company do clarks use? Thanks

does anyone know which delivery company do clarks use? Thanks

Had 2 deliveries this week from Clarks and both vans were unmarked so have no idea.
Thanks. Ordered via TCB as higher rate
out of stock..

out of stock..

I thought the same aswell (and clicked expire), but it seems to be appearing as back in stock now.

does anyone know which delivery company do clarks use? Thanks

Mine are coming by HDNL (Home Delivery Network)
Hot - ordered to keep my feet warm !
Ordered, thanks !!!
Out of stock for a size...ordered one 1 size bigger! Thanks
thanks... only black in stock now

sorry just found the grey ones now
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no, why mad?
I am even ahead of you...2-3 presents already sorted ...or we are in the same club:) lol


Thank youFirst Christmas present orderedam I mad

thanks ordered for father in laws birthday!
ta, ordered 2 pairs
Look good, ordered. many thanks.
gone for the gray, many thanks

Excellent find. Ordered a pair! And, great avatar pic shadow1!
Thanks OP - just ordered 2 grey ones....great price!
Some one should un-expire this - I don't know how...
Only sizes 7 and 11 left, but luckily OH is a 7 so I ordered a pair for his birthday. Thanks OP, heat added.
Thanks, went for a pair of the grey ones.
Shame they are open back, it would be like wearing flip flops. I like moccasins.
Also in store - picked up the Kite Roll in blue last week down from £14.99 to £9.99 - these aren't open black so won't slip off.…024
Great just ordered a pair in grey many thanks
No size 12's - damn me and my big feet
Great price, ordered a pair, thanks for posting OP
Ordered. Thanks
shame I missed these good price
missed this too, wanted size 10 out of stock
Ordered the grey thanks OP.
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