Clarks Mid Season Sale - Starts Wednesday

Clarks Mid Season Sale - Starts Wednesday

Found 10th May 2011
So just an heads up, Clarks mid season sales starts tomorrow. Not sure if online too. Chance to grab some bargains. I know their shoes are not to everyone's taste, but then a chance for others to save some money.
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Thanks - do you know if kids shoes are included?
I am soooo fed up of Clarks boys shoes, they are SO boring, why do they think that boys don't like any other colour apart from navy, black and brown!!

Probably kid shoes included too, not 100% certain.


Thanks - do you know if kids shoes are included?


Thanks - do you know if kids shoes are included?

Unlikely, in my experience. Reminds me of that Harry Enfield sketch - Saw You Coming.
Thanks alot for the headsup
Ta. Sensible shoes at sensible prices.
why do they always start a sale when im in work lol x

Clarks? Is that right?


Ta. Sensible shoes at sensible prices.

will have a look tomrw

Ta. Sensible shoes at sensible prices.

Sensible shoes with a previously good reputation now made in Vietnam for peanuts, you mean.
Can say for sure kids shoes are in it. Here is the list of all the kids shoes that are in it and the prices:

All prices in £

Air Xtra Inf Brown 34 down to (dt) 20
Air Xtra Jnr Brown 36 dt 20
BL Bling Chic White 30 dt 18
BL KaraokeGirl White 25 dt 15
BL Linesman Blue Synth 30 dt 20
BL Supersprint Black/Orange 36 dt 26
Brambling Fst Navy 28 dt 15
Brambling Inf Navy 30 dt 15
Bugtastic Khaki 28 dt 18
Daisy Lady Jnr Deep Fuchsia pat 32 dt 15
Dean Fst Brown 30 dt 20
Dean Inf Brown 32 dt 20
Dizi Days baby Pink Lea 22 dt 15
Ella Rose Fst Purple Patent 28 dt 18
Fst Dream Flex White Combi Lea 24 dt 15
Fst MagicLight Lilca Lea 26 dt 15

[I got bored at this point saying what the original prices were, so will now just say the new sale price - writing out from a picture I took on my phone]

Fst SaurusFlex Navy, Fst Vicuna White/Pink Lea, Full Steam Navy dt 15
Fun Lights fst and inf red dt 18
Hoola Sue fst and pre plum dt 20
Inf buzzy babe pink, inf/jnr daisy bop white, inf/jnr daisy jazz white, inf/jnr deflection red and blue dt 15
inf/jnr mutoid fun dt 18
Lucy Lou baby pink, lyla lights white, pre grippa fun white and black, saurus flash dt 15, star side fst berry dt 15
Stone moved brown combi lea and slate leather dt 20.

"Kids Great Value from £15 Markdown Effective Weds 11th May"

Gah, I hope this is helpful to at least one person :P

Feel free to put this in your original post, just credit me please :P

Edited by: "TheJoe" 10th May 2011
Thanks for confirming 'TheJoe'

and also for the revised prices. Cheers
for some reason though I can't edit it, if someone could help maybe.
The sale is live, and, yes, adult sizes only.
20%- BEGOODHOUSE code expired = not working
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