Clarks Outlet have up to 50% off shoes (Men/Women/Kids)

Clarks Outlet have up to 50% off shoes (Men/Women/Kids)

Found 9th Nov 2017
Clarks outlet are currently having a sale with some pretty decent shoes still on offer. And by the looks of things they still have a fair amount of sizes available.

Also, fopr a limited time, they are offering Free standard delivery
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Noooo, I am already over-run with trainers, Cat boots, Clark's boots, Timberlands and a bunch of Skechers! Just as well I walk everywhere. * innocently clicks on Linky*
Clarks Outlet isn't having a sale, as such - the site is permanent. Stock is refreshed on a weekly basis, sizes come and go, like the stock they want to shift. Clarks always have a discount headline on the homepage. It's not really a deal. This has been posted many times before. Might as well have a link to Ebay as a deal...
I don't really rate Clarks these days, the kids shoes are no better quality then the supermarket ones, but 3 times the price: but there seem to be some good prices there.
Unless I'm missing something, these are the usual outlet prices. In fact, some of the shoes I've been wanting have actually gone up in price but still showing "50%" off.
Sorry, cold from me.
yeah I stumbled upon it when having a look on clarks in general.
Didn't really know this was always up with discounts.
Ill close the thread
Their Goodyear welted shoes are a bargain for £55. Surprisingly high quality.
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