CLARKS Outlet Up To 60% Off Sandals Plus FREE Delivery

CLARKS Outlet Up To 60% Off Sandals Plus FREE Delivery

Found 6th Jun 2017
Clarks Outlet

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Grab your summer essentials with huge discount in the Clarks sandals sale with lots of designs and colours to suit all there s a choice of 270 styles.

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Cheers for the heads up op ordered a pair of walking sandals for the mrs for our upcoming holiday to Spain in a few days! Fortunately she's has small feet
Cheap imports sold at high prices - and they just fall apart and rot!

"This is a video showing the sorry remains of 13 pairs of brand new or little used shoes exactly as they were after storage for a while in the wardrobe (the remaining crumbled tiny pieces are still in a bag, and Clarks have always been welcome to inspect them). They haven't been cut or physically damaged in any way - this is exactly as they were after a period of storage in a perfectly normal, dry, domestic wardrobe. Check out Clarks shoes and hydrolysis online, and you'll find dozens, possibly hundreds, of similar complaints. Remember that before you even think of buying this brand. They just disintegrate, even if they're left unused in the wardrobe. That's bad enough, but the real shocker is that Clarks will do very little to help you - here's what they say: "a business decision was made to offer a one-off goodwill voucher of £10.00 to consumers whose shoes have suffered from hydrolysis, regardless of the number of pairs that have not met expectations".

13 pairs of quite expensive but now useless shoes and the very best they'll offer - after a lot of pressure - is a £25 gift voucher. That's how much Clarks care about quality, and how little they care about their customers.

Take a look too at all the bad reviews on Trustpilot about Clarks:…...

Trustpilot verdict: Bad - 1.8 out of 10.

Clarks - not a company you can trust any more. Cheap imported shoes (they don't manufacture in the UK any more) sold at high prices just because they've stuck a Clarks label on them. And don't expect much, if any, help from Clarks when they drop to bits!
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Thank you, paid £23 for a lovely pair of sandals.I have far too many pairs clarks shoes, all of mine have been great.
any codes?
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