Clarks - upto 50% off Sale - Free delivery & returns - plus Quidco!
Clarks - upto 50% off Sale - Free delivery & returns - plus Quidco!

Clarks - upto 50% off Sale - Free delivery & returns - plus Quidco!

Upto 50% off in the Clarks Sale - can get some decent stuff if you get in early enough.

Free Delivery & Returns + Quidco 7% (for Online orders).

Weird thought about BlockABoots came into my head when I saw this deal...remember them from Kids TV in School - waste some precious seconds of your life to remind yourself here



No need to look on youtube - the wife humms this every now and then - I honestly thought she was mental!

Thanks for post - site seems on the slow side but useful savings.

Thanks, heat added. I was waiting for the 20th as that was the date that was posted previously for the sale to start. Glad you posted this. Missed out on the shoes I wanted but bought some others.

Great spot........
Shame the website is sooooo slow

Wow, blockaboots, you're showing your age mate...

Blocka-boots bloka-boots, block block block-aboots.

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Got 2 pairs of shoes for my daughter in store today for £11 each - half price. Bargain.

hot, hope i can get in there tomorrow

Thanks - ordered up a pair.

Needed some work shoes cheers, Clarks seem to produce some extremely comfortable shoes!

didn't have time to post it yesterday, bought two pairs for my son, Clarks are really worth it especialy at these prices....

"They're in fashion today"

This website is pig slow. You'd think a company as big as this could afford some decent traffic.

Yep put my foot in it and ordered...thx....

Thanks, heat added. Site seemed fine to me, maybe they've sorted themselves out now.

It seems a bit odd that you don't get the standard confirmation email immediately after ordering, nor does anything show up under the 'My Orders' section of your online account. Perhaps it takes a while before it appears?

Yes exactly. Took a few hours for any confirmation to appear in my Email or on the Clarks website. Guess the server was overloaded with everyone checking out the deals.

I order a pair of shoes on Tuesday. They turned up today. Got the Quidco too. Thanks OP!

work shoes for £25 .. great ! ... can't get nowt for £25 these days.
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