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Clarks are a quality British shoe manufacturer that also sells a range of bags and accessories. They are extremely popular in the UK, but also export to many countries abroad. The best deals and offers in the Clarks range are listed on a special merchant page on the HotUKDeals website. Read more

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Found 1st Apr 2009Found 1st Apr 2009
yes people...there is a sale which started on thursday with shoes as little as £19.99 and they are niceeeeeee even mens shoes got reduced soooo quick quick and get the them!!!!!!!!… Read more

I'm A laydee but they don't do a size 12 lol:p


Oh that's typical of Clarkes :( Every year I check out the men's sandals, ok, I'm just an old hippy at heart... Anyway, every year the price of men's sandals is ridiculous at Clarkes. So I'll stick with what Asda have to offer :)


hilarious .... Womens 50% off : 30 styles available Mens 50% off : 3 styles available And what are the mens styles available ... ? slippers. Fantastic :-) still hot tho, if you are a lady.


It is better to shop online or go in-store?


There are some bargains to be had in their Outlet stores too, I got a pair of sandals today reduced from £44.99 to £4.89

Found 20th Mar 2009Found 20th Mar 2009
just went to my local clarks shop and saw loads of kids shoes reduced to even £10 BUT only the sizes on the diplay are available so hurry and get a BARGAIN lol

had about 6 pairs reduced to £20 but nothing else in both my local stores!


i went in my local yesturday but they didnt have any kids shoes reduced :(


We usually get our from the Clarks outlet no need to rush :thumbsup:


hahaha i never sais to go NOW lol buuttttt go tommorow as saturday is the "MOTHER's OFF DAY" so shoes will be gone soon


Just rushed down there and they are closed.

Free Delivery on Clarks Shoes
Found 2nd Mar 2009Found 2nd Mar 2009
Free Delivery on Clarks Shoes
Just noticed that the Clarks website has now got free delivery - and it works with the 20%discount they've got going
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Nice offer. Its been a few years since my last shoes, I just got carried away and ordered two pairs of Momo 2 in Ebony and Sand since they were the only ones I liked the look of. The wallabees and desert shoes were nice too, but I went for the Momos.


New wallabee's ordered and a pair of brogue's, wallabee's are 79.99 and the brogue's 25 quid. With code this is costing me £83 , superb !


Thanks, I read your comment on the coupon page. I coundn't find a cheap item that I would feel comfortable returning and decided it wasn't worth the trip to the store. Certainly a good idea if you live near a store :thumbsup:


it would have worked if you had added a full price item and then returned it to store...its what i did.


Thanks ordered a pair. Reduced from £69.99 to £29.99. 20 percent coupon didn't work. Great deal anyway

clarks sale - men's shoes from only £12.99 now
Found 24th Jan 2009Found 24th Jan 2009
clarks sale - men's shoes from only £12.99 now
yes people belive it or not...we reduced some styles even more...i think the cheapest i saw was £12.99 quick quick as limited stock p.s. some prices are incorrect on the label as … Read more

are those supposed to be bobies on the back of ya avatar animal? lol i swear thats what i see :oops:


Ditto rasanh. :thumbsup:


dont flame him, he is only trying to help us all find a bargain, he dosent gain anything financially.


Cold from me, sorry.


Or duplicates of each letter in a single word!:-D

Gilt Edge Ebony Burnished Mens Shoes - only £12.71 almost all Size available @ Clarks
Found 22nd Jan 2009Found 22nd Jan 2009
Gilt Edge Ebony Burnished Mens Shoes - only £12.71 almost all Size available @ Clarks
A streamlined silhouette makes this plain-fronted brown leather lace-up a versatile addition to any wardrobe. In burnished ebony leather, it's a suitable style for smart, casual an… Read more

[image missing] These look brilliant - and have Gore-tex - but why show them when there is no stock?


Because you're selecting the lace-up rather than the slip on style, people are referring to the original deal link :thumbsup:




Thanks... simple and smart... heat added. Size 10 (g) were fine to order for me.


It looks as though 8.5 is available but I cannot add it to the basket. Only size 6 seems to add.

Found 18th Jan 2009Found 18th Jan 2009
this is a new promotion which is not advertised yet...basically buy a kids shoe for over £20 and you get £5 off any trainsers it wont come up on the till so make sure u tell the ca… Read more

Any child who dictates to the parent what brand of trainer they should buy needs a good talking too. And if children get bullied because they wear a certain brand of clothing they're not the child with a problem, the bully is! No one should live their life buying things to make others happy. £5 off trainers is a great deal. Heat added!


Which is fine if your kids have standard fitting feet. My daughter needs an E fitting and my son a G so off the shelf trainers aren't usually any good for them. At age 5 and 8 they are fine with it. In high school they may me different....................!


my son is nine and likes to be seen wearing VANS , but when he needed trainers for school ie: sports he chose CLARKS. :thumbsup:


I dont think it matters to any kid younger than 7 (most likely to wear clarks)


Ahem, I love Clarks Originals (wallabees, desert boots etc) but to pack a kid off to school in clarks trainers is plain cruel. School shoes they could maybe get away with but, trainers is another story.

Clarks Sale - More lines added - up to 70% off!
Found 17th Jan 2009Found 17th Jan 2009
Clarks Sale - More lines added - up to 70% off!
Just checked the Clarks website again and noticed that they have added quite a few more lines to their sale (I know it has already previously been posted but theres been loads more… Read more
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No problems here.. You'll probably find that when items are put into someones basket, they're taken out of the stock. That way they don't get 3 bods trying to buy the same pair of shoes.. Heat &amp; rep added


I received my order today - only took 3 days which is quite speedy for Clarks. No problems at all and shoes are great. Sorry to hear others have had problems :-(


went to clarks yesterday and bought those incredible shoes from the TV ad reduced to 22 from 75! and my son got a pair for 10 quid which is great!


I ordered 4 pairs online a week last saturday when they had started the 70% off sale. I needed one of the pairs so I decided to go instore on the Tuesday and I managed to pick up 3 of the pairs I had ordered online with another £10 off. My online order arrived the next day so I just took them back for a refund. I guess what I'm trying to say is its well worth a trip to your local store if you can.


I ordered two pairs last night, now checking my email it says I ordered a size 5.5 in one but I am a 5 and would have ordered a 5. Do you think they changed it as they are now out of stock in a 5 But, the only size they now have left are a 5.5 OR,did I mess up ?? I mean they will fit but I am sure I ordered a 5..

Clarks Kids Shoes - £10 instore
Found 15th Jan 2009Found 15th Jan 2009
Clarks Kids Shoes - £10 instore
I have just bought my son a pair of these in my local Clarks shop. Original price £38, reduced to £10! Bargain - quite a few sizes left as well.
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Thanks for this. I just brought my 19month old son a pair, and also picked up some great sandles which were £5. Very hot.


i went into the clrks shop in Leicester on Thursday. got two pairs....boys trainers reduced from £26 to £5 and shoes from £28 to £8.....ABSOLUTE BARGIN!!!!


Brought a pair of shoes for my Daughter today for £10, next size up for her so absolutely great. Also got a pair of Doodles Wellies for £3, now she can splash in muddy puddles all she wants. Thanks for the heads up this is great value. :thumbsup:


Good price and voted hot. But we no longer buy Clarks kids shoes as we were warned against them by the podiatrist. Although well made (they are harder wearing than any other kids shoes in my opinion), they offer absolutely no support around the heel or instep. We go with Start Rite now which tend to have the support. Have also found that start rite only sell in shops with very well trained fitters (or maybe we have just been lucky so far). They take much longer than Clarks and always deliver the same result no matter what store you go to - we were actually shocked the first time we went to our local dealer that they absolutely refused to sell us shoes that were half a size too big (even though we then walked out with nothing as they did not have correct size). Last time we bought Clarks shoes we had four different sizes from four different outlets. When challenged each would say the others were franchises and not properly trained. Probably all off topic as we are talking about deals but just passing on my experiences.


Thanks, what a great tip. I am going to check this out today.:thumbsup:How do I vote hot?

Clarks Shoes Online-Free Delivery and Returns on Everything
Found 17th Dec 2008Found 17th Dec 2008
Clarks Shoes Online-Free Delivery and Returns on Everything
As above Free Delivery on Everything until 06/01/2009. Up To 50% off Sale is ongoing with further reductions. Free returns too. There is not a code,it is stated on site and automat… Read more

Love my boots that arrived on christmas eve. Fab site and great service.


I went in store and bought some nice shoes for work, along with some slippers for chilling. Prices matched those online. I imagine most of you will prefer to try before you buy. The ones I got were pretty darn comfortable. I expect Clarks are top quality! These definitely looked and felt like it. Good luck peeps.


seconded, aren't the widest measurements multiples of E rather than continuing along the alphabet to G!!! how wide are those puppies?


Lol ok, ok, not quite 'trainers' :). But they're not shoes either - some kinda mutant hybrid perhaps. But they look comfortable &amp; I like 'em - beauty being in the eye of the beholder and all that... So thanks again to the OP for posting the deal.


what does size 8, Fit G mean???

Clarks Shoes Sale-Up to 50% off Mens and Womens shoes Online-kids shoes instore
Found 8th Dec 2008Found 8th Dec 2008
Clarks Shoes Sale-Up to 50% off Mens and Womens shoes Online-kids shoes instore
Received in email Clarks sale up to 50% off mens and womens shoes and bags online. The kids sale is up to 50% off instore- home delivery-reduced to £3.50 frome £3.95 Or order onlin… Read more

More reductions in store today. I got a pair of ladies full length black leather boots (laser beam) for £19.99 reduced from £99.99!!! I can't see this style online though.


Site down.......D'oh!


I needed a new pair of shoes for work. voted hot :)


Booties! Ooh arr! I really resent the delivery cost and I don't have the option to deliver to my local store... I still couldn't resist a pair of knee highs though.


Got some clarks shoes cheaper this morning on "shoemall" which has free delivery + quidco :thumbsup:

Clarks Kids Shoe Sale starts Monday
Found 27th Nov 2008Found 27th Nov 2008
Clarks Kids Shoe Sale starts Monday
Went to buy my son shoes today and the SA confirmed Kids shoe sale starts Monday. There are currently some sandles on sale, however a wider selection will be on offer from Monday… Read more

Bought my daughter a pair today.. She actually needs new shoes since her current pair are nearly too small now. I bought 2 pairs in summer from Clarks for £5 pounds a pair and the same shoes from that time were on sale again but at £12! I tried looking for the pair i bought today on their website and it's not there. Am a bit dubious as to whether they are just bringing out old stock on sale. I should have just gone to the outlet instead?


I've just got back from our Clarks at Mothercare WOrld in Edmonton, and there was a bit of choice from shoes, trainers and boots. I managed to get some school shoes for my son, and a pair of trainers for my daughter! Both about 40% off


Very little in my local and all in G fitting.


Not too much choice in Basildon. Plenty of black girl's school shoes. Had my dd's feet measured, same size but wanted to get her some trainers. Picked up a pair which were the same length but a letter wider with the feet. I put them on her and asked the shop assistant to check the fit and he said that they were fine. He had to get someone else to do the till and she wrote on the receipt self fitted. How were they self fitted?! I just put them on her feet!


The kids sale is on in Wokingham but I didn't think the choice was that good!

Yo Toy chidren's trainers £15 in Clarks sale
Found 15th Oct 2008Found 15th Oct 2008
Yo Toy chidren's trainers £15 in Clarks sale
These are the trainers with the toy in the heel. Lots in stock in Watford Clarks. Also football boots and some kids shoes reduced.

We had a Start Rite near us but it shut down, thanks for the advice though.


At the last round of Clarks sales, the shoes were all £5 a pair which was a massive saving from the usual £18 pound shoes. I'm waiting out for that


I have found Brantano good value. You can measure feet yourself or if you are lucky they may have someone who knows what they are doing....


What was the price before they were reduced to £15? Is this a good saving?


Everytime we go there we get my dd's feet measured, they tell us the width and size and then proceed to try on 17 different sizes inc. widths, because the shoes don't match her feet size! How can she be one size and then need to try on a completely different size, I just don't understand it, and I used to be a Saturday girl in shoe shops for six years!:?

Clarks Shoe Sale:  Kids sandals from 5 Instore
Found 10th Jul 2008Found 10th Jul 2008
Clarks Shoe Sale: Kids sandals from 5 Instore
Further reductions on sale stock. Kids doodles 3 pounds, sandals 5-10 pounds, trainers and shoes all now 10. Including the spotty shoes - soooo Cute! Also further reductions on a… Read more

Very big, Check out his page;page=10


I got 4 pairs of doodles yesterday for 3.00 each, bargain! 2 pairs were canvas boots, great for back to playschool. Daughter loves them!


£12? They've gone up I'm afraid, the Doodles I bought in May, were £16 and £17!!!!!!!!:w00t: I was quite shocked at the time!


Added instore to title never put the online link up it does it automatically when you select the retailer I think :p Bubs getting big Macdoona :D


she means stocking them in the cubby til her kids are big enough to wear them lol

Clarks Shoe Sale
Found 16th Jun 2008Found 16th Jun 2008
Clarks Shoe Sale
I think this is nationwide, I contacted my local store which is in Mothercare in Basingstoke and their sale started today :) Worth calling your local store to see if they have a s… Read more

Managed to nab 4 pairs for my toddler twins in the Clarks shop in Belfast.. its true they fit the best for wee feet and are bloody expensive most of the time (esp if you have to buy 2 pairs) but the sales are generally very good and always worth stocking up :)


Yes, I honestly try to wherever I can. Oddly enough, the two examples you listed there are things I have done some reading around about and have decided to avoid: I rarely shop in Tesco now and I don't use Microsoft software (but, whatever you may think about MS software being ****, they're hardly exploitative). Thanks for clarifying the point, though.


What I'm saying is, almost all companies could have some kind of questionable moral business practices whether that be MS or Tesco's. You seem to have taken a high moral standing over the way Clarks produce their shoes, do you apply the same moral standing to every other product you buy such as Tesco clothing ot Microsoft computers for example.


On this point we will have to disagree. I think this is most certainly the place to be having this discussion. Admittedly, it should be more about the ethical practices of the company itself, and not a general discussion about ethical purchasing.


So, you think I have some kind of Clarks- or shoe-based vendetta going on? I don't think these are just moral principles, they are a way of life. Wherever I can, I always try to appreciate where the stuff I buy comes from. You lot might be surprised to hear, but I love Clarks' shoes. I buy them all the time. I hadn't realised there might be question marks over how their products are produced, and now I'm disappointed because I might not be able to buy my favourite shoes.

Clark's Shoe Shops - Up to 50% off sale.
Found 15th Apr 2008Found 15th Apr 2008
Clark's Shoe Shops - Up to 50% off sale.
Just been in to Clark's and they have up to 50% off shoes at the moment. Not a HUGE sale but 4/5 racks. Worth a view. NOT online though. The shoes i bought were still full price … Read more

Kids shoes are reduced as well in Manchester Arndale branch.


I got a pair of mens shoes £50 reduced to 34.99 in store - so thanks for the post.


i saw some shoes for my one year old for £32.99 id like to visit the person who is in charge of pricing at Clark's and give him a mouthful my american brother in law bought my little one some shoes from this place (google: Payless), very well known in the states, have over 4500 stores in US. And he bought em for just $10.95 - so cute;TLC=Boys&amp;SLC=BoysClassic&amp;BLC=BoysClassicClassic&amp;Width=Regular&amp;ItemCode=55989&amp;LotNumber=054013&amp;Type=Infant&amp;Popularity=25&amp;DescriptiveColor=Black


didnt see much of a sale in the maidstone one in kent today and minor one in hempsted vally in gillingham yesterday night.


Its just Adults Shoes ....... Will have to wait for the kids stuff

Clarks Kids Boots Down to £10 Instore
Found 20th Jan 2008Found 20th Jan 2008
Clarks Kids Boots Down to £10 Instore
Went into our local clarks and almost all the girl's boots were down to £10. Also noticed boys trainers for £5. This was Ayr branch but they seem pretty universal in their sales s… Read more

dont come to warrington for em will ya cos they aren't giving anything away there :(


I got 2 pairs of shoes for my daughter for ten pounds each when I took her to be measured today... really chuffed, expected to pay at least 28.00 for 1 pair.:-D


Really good price for great quality shoes. Voted hot.


Got my daughter some lovely boots for £10 down from £34.99 last week! Great


Good price thanks Gaia With 4 kids needing shoes (seems almost constantly) well worth a look

ladies long length boots - £25 in-store @ Clarks
Found 15th Jan 2008Found 15th Jan 2008
ladies long length boots - £25 in-store @ Clarks
lots of ladies long length leather boots reduced from £90 to £25

Next clearance are selling there boots off for £9, Shoes are £5, some great bargains for the ladies, the wife got a pair of shoes reduced from £50 &gt; £5 and Boots from £75 &gt; £9


Don't think you can buy Clarks shoes from the website? So instore? Hate HATE HATE Clarks website. Did not fancy any of their boots that were originally reduced anyone know if they have new boots added? Wanting the Mia West ones but not liking the £80 price tag!


The post should have stated that it was an instore only deal, and the website is diabolical.


....and the person at Clarks that said ok to this. Gave up 3 pages in and still no boots.....


I agree - what a shocking website - cant believe how bad it is. Anyway, no bargains there. Couldnt you have made it clearer that this was instore only...

Clarks kids shoes sale started instore today
Found 5th Dec 2007Found 5th Dec 2007
Clarks kids shoes sale started instore today
I've had a search for this and couldn't find anything - although search is a bit dodgy at the moment so apologies if its already posted. Thought people might like to know that the… Read more
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Just bought 2 pairs of girls school shoes reduced from £30.00 to £10.00 These are to replace a pair bought from BHS and which lasted 1 week before being scuffed beyond repair, at least with Clarks you can actually repair the scuffing, these BHS ones although leather, could not be saved with any amount of scuff treatment and love.


I used to work in a Clarks shoe shop:oops:


OK, Just my £0.02's worth here: My 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter has had Clarks since they could walk. I always had them as a child, so one thing I shouldn't skimp on is shoes for my kids. However...... There's just 2 problems with Clarks these days in my opinion:- 1) Staff. Usually not enough in store and they also seem to have a high turnover (poss. due to low wages - who knows). Consequently there are very few "experienced" staff to hand. By experienced I'm talking about people that have fitted more shoes than I've had hot dinners. Someone that can tell a badly fitting shoe at 10 yards - not some girl whose just left college and had the "Clarks induction" course. There doesn't seem to be any longevity or real experience in this trade anymore. 2) Quality of shoes. Used to be OK - Now Terrible!!! Having returned 3 pairs in 4 months all with the same fault (Usually where the leather loop is, it wears on the strap that secures the velcro - hope this makes some sense). I think that Clarks now make huge profits and I guess most of their shoes are probably made in the far east using cheap labour and, in my opinion cheap materials. I've given up on Clarks and find Startright shoes somewhat better.


Got 3 kids from 1 to 11, every one of them wear clarks shoes - why? Cos if they get a blister, they refund/exchange them, if they wear too quickly, they refund/exchange them, if they size them wrong (as long as their staff have done it) they refund/exchange them, without quibble (in my experience). So i am sure they will not quibble over an unworn pair. Reminds me, sorry to go off track here, two years ago, i bought a £50 puffa jacket for my son out of Gap, only to find a week later it was half price. Bought the half price one, went home got the first jacket (still unworn with label), took the old full price one back with the Full price receipt - got a refund. 30 miles later, discovered that they have a policy that if you buy an item which is reduced within 14 days, they will automatically refund the difference upon showing the original receipt anyway, which was still in my wallet all along. DOH.


Went straight to Clarkes and got 4 pairs of shoes/trainers... normally £36 each, and got them for £12 each.. B A R G A I N !! HOT HOT Thanks

5 pound shoes at Clarks, SIZE 7 ONLY
Found 30th Jul 2007Found 30th Jul 2007
5 pound shoes at Clarks, SIZE 7 ONLY
My first deal submission. Take it easy guys. I have been to the Clarks at Cheshire Oaks. There was a sale in the shop. They had massive clearence sale for SIZE 7 shoes. A lot of fi… Read more

Size 7 feet on a bloke? te he he he :giggle:


They are for the men and I got 2 pairs of nic ones for me. Please go and check in the shops.


Their YO-TOY looks like something dreamed up for the "Dragons Den".


[CENTER][CENTER]it it boys or girls ? If girls were there any nice ones?[/CENTER][/CENTER]

Clarks boys Doodles now 3 pounds instore
Found 19th Jul 2007Found 19th Jul 2007
Clarks boys Doodles now 3 pounds instore
Boys Vintage pre doodles in tan were sixteen pounds (sorry lost my pound sign) now down to 3 pounds instore.

thanks, I will go to have a look.


Feel free to cut and paste this for the next time - £ K ;-}

Kids Clarks Shoes 50% off sale
Found 27th Jun 2007Found 27th Jun 2007
Kids Clarks Shoes 50% off sale
Just walked past my local (Darlington) Clarks kids shoe shop and they had shoes stacked inside with 50% off banners along the top. i did not notice this on the windows, maybe the s… Read more
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Our local Clarks have had a sale for a week or more but will this be applicable in all stores as I also found out last week some are franchised? heat and rep added :)


just bought 2 pairs of sandals at £12 each. Apparently the darlington sale sr=tarted this week - not alot left now and they are reducing stock further. Doodles now £5


Most stores get weekday deliveries so start looking on Tuesdays, weekends they always seem to be sold out.


Thanks for this need new shoes for my kids ... checked last saturday and nothing ... pain in butt if I am too late!


This started last Wednesday - they've sold out of most in my area though they are restocking I believe.

Children's boots £10 or LESS  at Clarks instore
Found 31st Jan 2007Found 31st Jan 2007
Children's boots £10 or LESS at Clarks instore
Hi, first deal I've ever submitted, so huge apologies if not great! Just returned from my local Clarks and managed to pick up two pairs of boots for my daughters at incredible pri… Read more

Yes, it's not bad - I got some good shoes (adult male) for work last week, reduced from £50 to £15.

Clarks - Ophelia ladies boots - were £90 now £20
Found 21st Jan 2007Found 21st Jan 2007
Clarks - Ophelia ladies boots - were £90 now £20
Ladies casual boots - you can see these on the clarks website if you go to ladies boots and casual. (sorry couldn't work out how to link to this as its a flash-type site) these w… Read more

Excellent post, thanks, even if it did mean I had to shopping in Aberdeen with my wife, usually an experience on a par with having my fingernails pulled out one by one. She didn't like the Ophelia boots, but bought the same as mitsub, I reckon. Rep left, thanks.


your welcome. glad someone else got a good deal aswell!! :-D


Thank you very much ikogirl. :thumbsup: Told other half re your post &amp; took her down town in Aberdeen to get them. 1 pair of black heeled ones &amp; 1 pair of brown flat soled ones. RRP for both £159.98 Both bought for £34.98 :-D Excellent post, well done. :thumbsup:


the price of £19.99 is how much they are INSTORE in Aberdeen. Both shops have them at this price, so I assume it is nationwide:)


Showing full price for me too :? :? :?

End of Season Sale
Found 27th Jul 2006Found 27th Jul 2006
End of Season Sale
End of Season Sale in Clarks shoe shops Deals on all shoes, but best on childrens most shoes £5. I have been in Northampton today and brought over £80 pounds worth of shoes/trainer… Read more
Stanway Easy shoes in Black/blue/white @ Clarks £25
Found 20th Nov 2017Found 20th Nov 2017
Stanway Easy shoes in Black/blue/white @ Clarks £25
I brought these shoes last week they are a great fit and very comfortable. Available in black leather and in white suede and blue suede most sizes available except blue suede whic… Read more
Stanway Easy shoes in Black/blue/white @ Clarks £25
Found 20th Nov 2017Found 20th Nov 2017
Stanway Easy shoes in Black/blue/white @ Clarks £25
I brought these shoes last week they are a great fit and very comfortable. Available in black leather and in white suede and blue suede most sizes available except blue suede whic… Read more
Stanway Easy shoes in Black/blue/white @ Clarks £25
Found 20th Nov 2017Found 20th Nov 2017
Stanway Easy shoes in Black/blue/white @ Clarks £25
I brought these shoes last week they are a great fit and very comfortable. Available in black leather and in white suede and blue suede most sizes available except blue suede whic… Read more