Clarkson - Supercar showdown HMV £5.49
Clarkson - Supercar showdown HMV £5.49

Clarkson - Supercar showdown HMV £5.49

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And over to Clarkson
"For my all new DVD I've travelled the Planet - from Spain via Strasbourg to Swindon - for the Supercar Showdown to beat them all. My aim is simple - find the ultimate Supercar. I start a fight between a prancing horse and a raging bull as topless versions of the Ferrari 430 and Lamborghini Gallardo slug it out. The Gallardo's big cousin, the Murcielago, weighs in too.

The Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano struts its stuff and Audi's R8 faces up to the Porsche GT3 as my special guest, Nurburgring-know-all Sabine Schmitz takes on The Stig. I turn into a Formula 1 hero thanks to a Radical SR3. And I have a fantastic time in the Aston Martin Vantage V8 Roadster. Plus there's a new kid on the block in the shape of the stunning Ascari A10.

And the line-up would not be complete without the 1000 horsepower, 252 miles per hour Bugatti Veyron. So I blast off in one of those too.

Meanwhile, everything else explodes as I find out if there is such a thing as " Too much" turbo power, a Renault Alpine A610 comes to the end of the road and I answer the big question - Which is stronger, the electric G-Wiz or a table?

And on that bombshell....gdnight


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Dropped a lot in price now its not a Christmas filler. Nows the time to buy if you enjoy TG or cars.

Nice spot, ordered a copy via Quidco

Excellent price - was £11.97 before christmas

not this price instore so buy online

if you want instore woolworths is 5.97

excellent price - good dvd, but as i always say would be better with rm and jm - just for the banter

Clarkson for Prime Minister

Good stuff. Ordered via Quidco:thumbsup:


Clarkson for Prime Minister

ha ha ha ha no way

Also 5.99 in morrisons

Typical, bought it from HMV before xmas for about £13!

Ordered this for my nephew, thanks. :thumbsup:

5.99 in tesco's.

EVERY year his DVD is £14 at Xmas

EVERY year I get it for £5 or less in January

He can't drive for toffee and his commentary is all hyperbolae.

thanks for that, just bought one using quidco for my bros birthday in 2 weeks>hes massive clarkson fan!!

So glad I held off buying this before xmas. Top price now!!! Heat + rep added.
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