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Additional 20% off adult styles - already heavily reduced prices with code @ Clarks Outlet
21/01/2019Expires on 21/01/2019Found 7 h, 54 m agoFound 7 h, 54 m ago

HEAT! Have had my eye on a pair of boots. Thanks OP (y)


As shown on BBC Watchdog 28 November 2018 when Watchdog reported on problems with disintegrating Clarks shoes:


Thanks. Worth a try


Great find heat added (y)


Hi yes they do (y)

Clarks fuzzle pop boys shoes in various sizes £10 delivered @ Clarks outlet
Found 27th Dec 2018Found 27th Dec 2018
Fuzzle Pop Inf, boys' school shoes, black leather - With casual influences, these school shoes use a double riptape fastening to ensure a secure fit, while the rubber sole provides… Read more

Ive always bought my sons school shoes from george at asda, suprisingly they're quite hard wearing (i always try to get the rubber fronts) they usually last him a while. I think the ones he's got at the moment were £14 and he plays footy in them at playtimes and whatever else they do to get covered in mud (cheeky) but they always come up clean. My youngest is in nursery and he's wanting the light up avengers ones so I'll be getting those when he's due some.


Ordered.. Thanks


My son is heavy with his shoes and had these shoes earlier this year. They seemed to wear well.


I don't know what the bloody hell my son does at school he started reception in September and this is going to be his 4th pair of shoes. He's really heavy on his feet but the state his school shoes come home in every single day is ridiculous. If anyone can recommend a decent hard wearing pair, preferably the one with rubber fronts id be really grateful :) these will do for now and for a tenner delivered I can't complain, well I could but I won't (lol) (lol)


Thanks, ordered a pair for my son, if they last till May I'll be happy enough!

Johto Lace GTX- Men footwear (limited sizes) £38 + £3.95 Delivery at Clarks Outlet
Found 10th Dec 2018Found 10th Dec 2018
I found this as a great deal Great in wet weather conditions, Johto Lace GTX is our outdoor style that fits perfectly with the growing athleisure trend. Premium dark brown nubuck h… Read more



No it's not.. It's just a normal footwear but very good for winter and comfortable


Is this work safety shoes?

Right bobby dazzlers. White leather Clarks shoes Size 6 were £85??? now £28.95 Del @ Clarks
Found 8th Dec 2018Found 8th Dec 2018
Can’t believe they have sold out most of the sizes. No accounting for taste but there must be a market out there for them.

Heat from me purely because I haven't heard the term bobby dazzlers in forever and it's made me smile


How much for the left one ? I would probably need a pair tbh. ;)


They will go great with my safari suit.


I like them.. lol


Well I think they're lovely. They'll look wicked bad with my cut off shorts and AC/DC t-shirt combo in Summer. They're like a smart trainer...

Clark’s Skyward Edge Brown Leather men’s shoes - £30 @ Clark's Outlet
LocalLocalFound 1st Dec 2018Found 1st Dec 2018
Active Air Clark’s Skyward Edge Brown Leather men’s shoes Other great offers online or in store. High street store same price for me though marked up £39/£65 saving postage unles… Read more
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Sandi Toksvig wears these.


Good idea, you could order one pair that is half a size bigger just in case you find them too narrow or too short.


I have these, they are quite comfy but the ‘air balloon’ in the heel that aerates your feet is quite noticeable when walking. Good price though


says free returns so order 2 for free delivery then return 1

Shoes CLARKS : Edena Duo Burgundy Combi - £20 @ Clarks
Found 25th Nov 2018Found 25th Nov 2018
Taking on the man tailored trend, this brogue inspired silhouette uses premium Italian brush off leathers in a rich burgundy shade. The glossy finish is teamed with a 3.5cm heel fo… Read more

The link takes you to ladies shoes ???


I did take them back. Did you watch Watchdog? They refused refunds to everyone? And why don`t you educate me and point out the errors in my typing? You should be very careful about how you comment on people until you know the reasons their typing might be bad. Maybe its better to be a little uneducated than it is being ignorant just for the sake of it. Go and troll somewhere else.


Apologies Assumed it was for men Now not so sure Probably unisex Can't tell nowadays!! 😬 Smart formal shoes


I liked the look of them too, no problem with the style. I just presumed that womens shoes are made a bit narrower, and I have quite wide feet. Thanks for your helpful comments, though!! (y)


I think they look very unisex :) but I bought them yesterday after looking at the women’s section! Being a size 6 I’ve managed to get many great pairs of small mens shoes cheap in the sale in the past (Doc Martens, some leather Chelsea boots etc), don’t have to be put off by the label!

Caddy Belle Grey Suede- Size 2 only - £33.75+ free delivery until tomorrow @ Clarks
Found 25th Nov 2018Found 25th Nov 2018
Code credit to @cecilmcroberts (y) Caddy Belle, women's over the knee boots, in grey suede - A contemporary take on the classic riding boot, Caddy Belle is cut to the knee in … Read more

Add code "ALLBF" they are £33.75. They do say on homepage and checkout the discount code.


Yes sorry..


Size 2 only :/ (mad)

Feracious Joy Black Synthetic handbag £9 w/code @ Clark’s outlet Free delivery
Found 24th Nov 2018Found 24th Nov 2018
Free delivery - use code for 25% off Code works across the site apart from the kids section! Free delivery , both in use until Monday! Timeless in two-tone shades, Feracious Joy… Read more

4 left people been holding them in the basket




I just bought two, will make good Christmas gifts 🎁


There was 20 odd when first posted


1 left. Was 12 about 2 mins ago

Clark's Devington Walk (Black Suede) Shoes Only £18.75 Delivered @ Clarks Outlet
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
Thought this was a good deal. Was £78.00, Then £55.00, Now £25.00 Use Code 'ALLBF' for extra 25% off making it £18.75 . Sizes 6.5 - 11 available at time of posting
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Nice got a pair of seven and a half (small feet).


Great got size 8 many thanks


Just been on again and sizes 7 to 9.5 still available?


As recommended by Watchdog Clarks shoes self destruct if you don't store them right! :D Something to do with the glue breaks down! 😁


Thanks! Have ordered. Hope they fit!


Can't find any of those shoes on the website.


Omg that’s gross! I was going to order those, I won’t be now! Such a pain when things arrive damaged/faulty/incorrect but mouldy is another thing altogether! Hope they sort it out for you


Just received my boots like the ones in the picture. & they are covered in green mould!!! I will upload a picture later. I will speak with them tomorrow. So now I will likely have to waste my time packing them up & taking them to post office!! 😡 (mad) (fierce) No they can come and get them!!


Just worked for me thanks OP


Same here.. :p

Girls School Shoes @ Clark’s Outlet & Free Delivery
Found 19th Nov 2018Found 19th Nov 2018
Great price for getting a bigger size or second pair. Free standard delivery. Sizes and widths available in both patent and leather Leather Upper Patent
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Ordered next size up ready- thank you op!!


Ordered a pair, thank you


None in my daughters size but I ordered some different ones for the same price (y)


Thankyou ordered a size up for my son free delivery too bargain


Try this link for the girls. I think mods changed my link

Clarks Ryerson Rise Mens Leather Boots £37.60 @ Clarks
Found 9th Nov 2018Found 9th Nov 2018
Use code AUTUMN20 for extra 20% off. £41.55 inc. delivery, free delivery on orders over £60. Seem like a decent pair of boots, I like Clarks stuff. Lots of sizes still available an… Read more
shannensdaddy £39.00 these one look good also ..available in sizes 6 , 9 & 11 (y)


Code invalid


Anyone had their order shipped? Mine is still showing as Processing


Yep, code not working anymore


good price and will vote hot but I do think Clarkes are terrible quality

Ripwayhill GTX Dark Brown Leather GORTEX Mens Boots RRP £110 NOW £33 @ Clarks Outlet (£3.99 delivery under £60 spend)
Found 8th Nov 2018Found 8th Nov 2018
Only UK 7 and 7.5 at time of posting. But a true bargian for those feet sizes. RipwayHill GTX, men's boots, brown leather - blending style and substance, these wearable chukka bo… Read more

I have a shoe size 14 when i place both my feet together!!


Sorry Juan. I must have touched a nerve, I assume you are below average if you go to this much effort to post so much meaningless irrelevant drivel on a shopping forum deal that is long expired.


It seems that you are having a problem understanding the concept of average. This will help. It does not mean that if your shoe size is smaller than average (size 10) that there are precursory medical issues. Diversity is part of nature and should be common knowledge. average /ˈav(ə)rɪdʒ/ noun noun: average; plural noun: averages 1. a number expressing the central or typical value in a set of data, in particular the mode, median, or (most commonly) the mean, which is calculated by dividing the sum of the values in the set by their number. "the proportion of over-60s is above the EU average of 19 per cent" synonyms:mean, median, mode, midpoint, centre; Morenorm, standard, rule, par; the general run "the price was low compared with the average of the past 25 years" an amount, standard, level, or rate regarded as usual or ordinary. "underground water reserves are below average" synonyms:normally, usually, ordinarily, generally, generally speaking, in general, for the most part, in most cases, as a rule, typically; Moreoverall, by and large, on the whole, on balance "on average, I suppose we watch a couple of hours of television a night"


That’s quite a name... (shock)


There's plenty of other styles and sizes on the website and the code works on those too. Thanks OP. Got some new shoes for work.

Girls Clark’s shoes (outlet) e.g Movello8 Jnr - F Fit £9.60 / £13.55 delivered
Found 4th Nov 2018Found 4th Nov 2018
My first post.. be nice! Here are some Clark’s school shoes from £36 to £12! Plus 3.95 p&p.I’ve just bought my daughter some.. bargain! They are last winter’s season, I think,… Read more
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Thank you so much, ordered 2 pairs for my kids


Great price ordered 2 pairs!


yes pity no code


code no longer wlrks


they have it in G-fit. just bought it

20% off all (already discounted) goods at Clark's Outlet
Found 30th Oct 2018Found 30th Oct 2018
Case sensitive, be sure to use all upper case. Use by 5 November. Free shipping over £60.

Tried calling, they can’t do that. Would cancel/return but I ordered the last in a size. Thanks for the suggestions though.


Is their outlet stuff unique to the outlet and cheaper and much worse quality? everythng I have ever bought from their outlet has been absolutely terrible quality and fallen apart really quickly


Thank you! Bought 2 pairs of (hopefully) excellent boots for my boys for £53


Thanks Op managed to get some boots for £30, get 2 pairs for free delivery and return one (lol)


Cancel and reorder. Or call them and tell them to apply new discount to u,r order