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Chocolate fountain £12.49 @ Clas Ohlson - Free c&c
02/02/2019Expires on 02/02/2019Found 20th JanFound 20th Jan
Easter is on the way, this chocolate fountain should light up any kids or adults eyes. Clas Ohlson continues it’s sale until 2/2/19 spend over £35 for free delivery Enjoy choco… Read more
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We use ours regularly - not sure about the above model but ours is quite small. We use about 12 squares of choc and melt with milk in the microwave before adding it to fountain. Strawberries, blueberries and Marshmallows and 3 happy kids.


Asking for a friend I guess? :/ :)


Can chocolate be changed for bodily fluids


It's the kind of thing you would buy for a party and be quite good then put it away for a year.


If memory serves me correctly I needed to use a minimum of something like a kilo of chocolate, it may have been more. I can't imagine eating anything close to that in one go and the idea of trying to save some for later seemed more trouble than it was worth. Has anyone actually used one of these regularly?

Aurora Nanoleaf Rhythm Smarter Kit £149.99 Clas Ohlson
03/02/2019Expires on 03/02/2019Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
Offer ends 3rd Feb Free P&P [EDIT] Sorry for those that were confused by my offer. I neglected most of the info :) Its for a modular set of lights that can be put together i… Read more

interesting gadget/wall art, welcome as a present but a too pricey. Adding more panels is pricey. Around £45 for 3 extra panels. I estimate an additional 6 panels will be required for a more interesting set up - so over £240. Thats too expensive for what essentially is a gimmick.


Hahaha... Funny AF!


one of the comments: "When he said 200$ my mom walked in and I changed to porn. easier to explain." XD


For those who don't know what this is....


Looks really good but I'm not sure £150 good

LED Lenser TT LED Torch- £10- In store- Clas Ohlson Manchester (Arndale Centre)
LocalLocalFound 14th JanFound 14th Jan
Thanks to davidlowe0 for the post regarding 50% off everything in store. Unfortunately the Clas Ohlson store in Manchester is closing down. There are many great offers on, so it… Read more
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Just went in store today, they only had about 6 of the pink ones left. Still a fair few good bargains to be had, I managed to pick up a few things


Thanks, bought them all for eBay


Robert Dyas have a similar sort of torch for 9.99, but is 600lm apparently


Got two different models of LED Lenser. Like them a lot. Robust


I think there must've been about 20+ available yesterday afternoon, there seemed to be more of the pink ones. I was too busy filling my basket with other stuff, so didn't take an accurate look at numbers. I only grabbed one, so hope there's some left when you go.

Keter Pro series work table clas ohlson arndale Manchester £25
Found 14th JanFound 14th Jan
As in title Was £69 then £20 off then 50% off
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Went in at lunchtime, sold out now.


I was the Manchester store this morning they had about 8/10 left. Myself and some tradesmen were getting them.


Still about 15 left


Manchester store is closing hence the 50% off price. For anyone thinking of buying, it's in-store only, collect only, and it's heavy (12kg), although it has a large handle, it's quite hard work especially as you can't park close-by. They are upstairs, and there were about 5 this morning. SEL still shows £79.99 or something, but it scans at £49.99 and they then 50% discount it. BTW - EVERYTHING in store is 50% off, so any other item in the current sale will be very good value now.


£60 / £70 came up fairly frequently on a quick Google search while in the shop. My pricing here is to show the store price reductions.

Clas Ohlson tool cabinet trolley down from £90 - £30 instore - Manchester arndale
LocalLocalFound 14th JanFound 14th Jan
As in title and picture. 15 ish left at time of posting. Manchester arndale 50% off lowest market price
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Ha that was my problem. Quite a walk back to my car. Might get a few more bits tomorrow


I picked one up today too. Was tempted by all the other stuff, but was too long a walk to the car!


Thanks got a few bits today.


Still about 7 left


I didn’t say when they were closing them, I presume it will vary as and when shop leases expire or are sold.

Clas Ohlson - Closing Down - 50% off everything in store - Manchester Arndale
LocalLocalFound 14th JanFound 14th Jan
Just walked past the store on my lunch and there is 50% off everything in store as the company is closing down its stores to be an online retailer.
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That sucks, would always pop in to have a browse. Might have to pick a couple of things this week.


Reading is the only one staying open.


i assume this is all stores then?


Better quality stuff, something most UK consumers seem to have no interest in. This country is all about bargain bucket.


Koss Porta Pro Black or Red £13.50 (party)

Keter folding work bench £49.99 at Clas Ohlson - free c&c or £4.99 del
03/02/2019Expires on 03/02/2019Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
Usually £70 now £50 until 03/02/2019

bought one in the summer from amazon when they were on offer for £45....they're brilliant, worth every penny.


It's sturdy and easy to use.


Good work bench. I have one over one year and it is very useful.


Doesn’t say but specs quote it’s the 450kg version.


I bought it for 30 quit 2 years ago. Regular price is around 50 so this is not a deal for me. Just a reminder for the potential buyers, there are 2 types in the market one can hold up to 480 kgs and the other one can up to 180 kg. Don't forget to check according to your needs.

Philips OneBlade QP2520/20 Electric Trimmer and Shaver £24.99  @ Clas Ohlsson - Free c&c
03/02/2019Expires on 03/02/2019Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
I lost mine at airport and was looking to buy one and came across this deal. I managed to buy it online and as I also needed CR2032 batteries I could get total purchase of above 35… Read more

And now £12.49 in Manchester Arndale (ONLY).


I tend to use this because I have sensitive skin and apart from this product nothing else has kept my skin free of irritation or bumps so that is one use case. :) The fact that once I lost mine I had to buy another one only goes to show that I recommend the product wholeheartedly. As for the cost of blades they do last a quarter even when I shave daily and given it keeps my skin irritation free kind of makes it totally worth it.


For a pack of two..... Oneblade is one of the best products I own, they are fantastic


How can anyone use these? Bough the pro version. Tried trimming and it took me 5 times longer to shave! And shaving the neck area, i had to switch to my good old Mach 3! You have to go over the same area 3 times to get a clean cut. An awful product! Will send it back to Philips. Reason: not fit for purpose...


Replacement blade is £19.99. Less than £25 for the whole thing, I see why they call it the razor blade business model now.

Wireless Optical Mouse for £3.99 @ Clas Ohlson Free C&C
03/02/2019Expires on 03/02/2019Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
Thought this is cheap. Just bought one from my local store, seems to work fine. Optical mouse with clickable scroll wheel. 3 buttons. 800/1200/1600 dpi.

good price, heat added. I wish I could collect it, the stores are far away and delivery is £4.99.


had 5 of these now scroll wheel goes first (you scroll down and it suddenly scrolls up) then clickers start to double up on you. Just invest in something better

Joseph Joseph Elevate, 4-Piece Utensil Set. Was £49.99 Sale £24.99 / £29.98 delivered @ Clas ohlson
Found 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
Set with four of the most important utensils for the kitchen. Turner, cooking spoon, straining spoon and tongs. Tool rest on the handle for placing the utensil on the counter, no… Read more
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Love the JJ range, had my stuff from them for many years now. But i only paid £25 for the full colour utensil kit so dont think this is great value for money. It often ends up in amazon warehouse at good prices.


Got this for like £15 on EBay a while back. This ain’t a deal.


JJ stuff is crap quality, most of the bits Ive had from them have either melted or snapped. Deffo not worth the "premium" they charge


Better off buying from Joseph Joseph they have 40% off atm


Sort it out

Stanley Tool Cabinet at Clas Ohlsom was £699 now £399
Found 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
No idea if this is a good price or not but given the was and sale price, seems a decent discount. Tool cabinet filled with high-quality tools from Stanley. Robust tool chest wit… Read more
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(y) yeah sounds about right... This kit is well overpriced. I would rather get halfords pro with lifetime. Or if you have some spare $$$ bahco all kitted trolley £800 (ninja)


"high-quality tools from Stanley" Is that a typo?


Halfords industrial cheapest that is worth even considering


Does anyone know of a good one of these but without the tools?


Better desktop link:

3 packs Remote control plugs + free delivery £10.99 @clas ohlson
Found 19th Dec 2018Found 19th Dec 2018
Ordered this over weekend came with next day DHL delivery, very good quality and easy to operate. I prefer these over Wifi ones. I think it is very good value for money. poss £10.… Read more

Out of stock. EDIT: To elaborate - It says it's in stock, but they don't actually have a live stock system, so when you try to order it tells you they have none in stock to deliver :-/


RF does have much better range and these ones are particularly good in that they don't reset to a default code after losing power like most out there.


Need one for the garage where WiFi might not reach. thx op (y)


+1 We have them for our fish tanks and the lamp. Dead handy and cheap. No need for an over engineered solution. :)


I don't have arms, are you taking the p***

Chocolate Fountain £12.49 @ Clas Ohlson  free delivery
Found 18th Dec 2018Found 18th Dec 2018
Enjoy chocolate with some of your favourite ingredients. Super easy – just melt some chocolate and pour it into the fountain. Capacity: 300 ml.

You are correct. Makes it even more unhealthy. Gave ours away.


From personal experience, these things don't even work with chocolate! (.....unless you thin it out with some sort of oil.)


Would this work with cheese?

Marvel/Disney kids fancy dress costumes at Class Ohlson for £9.99 (free C&C or delivery with code £10+)
Found 17th Dec 2018Found 17th Dec 2018
Marvel and Disney princess costumes, reduced to £9.99, and on 3for 2. So 3 costumes for less than £20! Also free delivery over £10 with code MERRYXMAS. :)

Ordered thank you.


Shame they haven’t got adult sizes then I could show my missus I wasn’t a puny god....oh wait :o :o



Puny God.