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wow I used to eat these alive as a kid (used to live in SA) will definitely be getting a bag, mmm mopani worms

* Flavoured snack of South African natives
* Salted & ready to eat
* Interestin addition to dinner parties

Mopanes are a staple part of the diet in Southern Africa, they are harvested twice a year and sold in the local markets.

The mopane worm is the brightly coloured caterpillar of the Emperor Moth, which is one of the worlds largest moths, and the caterpillar lives on the leaves of the mopane tree hence, it gets its name.

The worms are hand picked or shaken off the trees. The local collectors squeeze the Caterpillars to remove their bright green guts and then they are cooked in a cauldron of salty water until the water has evaporated, they are then dried in the Hot African Sun. Once dried, they can be stored for many months. Their protein content is three times that of beef, weight for weight, and they are traditionally cooked in a stew containing tomatoes and onions.

The biggest worms have the best flavour as they contain more fat ; the texture is similar to tofu or soya meat and they taste a little like dried fish, but they seem to soak up the flavour of whatever they are cooked with. Mopanes can also be eated as they are as a snack like, jerky.

Our mopanes are harvested from a University of Pretoria funded captive breeding project, therefore ensuring the preservation of the wild stocks of mopanes, which are being over collected by the locals over zealous harvesting.


I think you may be in need of ]this.


I think you may be in need of ]this.



I think you may be in need of ]this.

thanks for the remeinder i need some milbemax for my cat.

Wow ... I never in a million years ever expect to see mopani worms on hotdeals hehe
Votted hot for the rest of us ex pat Saffas :-D



I think you may be in need of ]this.

I think more in the need for ]this


MOPANI WORM c/o wikipedia.

Come on folks, a bit of order now, form a queue!

Gosh seeing this here makes me think I'm back in Cape Town

Hmm. Liked the idea till I saw the picture of one.
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