Classic Doctor Who T-Shirts £4.99 @

Classic Doctor Who T-Shirts £4.99 @

Found 8th Jan 2011
Two diferent classic Doctor Who T-Shirts available for £4.99 on Play. These usually cost at least £9.99. so I ordered one of each.

All sizes in stock
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How did I know this was a mattb_1987 post? X)
Heat added

How did I know this was a mattb_1987 post? X)Heat added

Most of my deals are slightly Who related
Shame the Tom Baker shirt is a bit naff - though obvioulsy Tom's very cool. And the Dalek T-shirt looks cool but is from a period where Doctor Who had become a bit naff!
Not retro just rubbish(IMHO)
Shame pics on T shirts are so BIG would have had one if they were smaller, heat added good deal for retro T..

Another excellent find!
Bought a dalek one, I've wanted that shirt for a while, thanks
Got one for the Mrs cheers.
What do you want for under a fiver! Ordered....Thanks.
Dalek offer didn't last long but ordered 2x Tom Baker ones for my nephews. Thanks.
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