Classic Horror - Algernon Blackwood -  The Willows Kindle Edition - Free Download @ Amazon

Classic Horror - Algernon Blackwood - The Willows Kindle Edition - Free Download @ Amazon

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The Willows is a classic horror novella famous for being
influential on a number of later writers, in particular horror author
H.P. Lovecraft who praised it as the finest supernatural tale in English
literature. Two friends are taking a break from a canoe-trip down the
snaking, sinuous Danube River when they discover the corpse of a peasant
in the woods. When they return to their canoe the oars are missing. As
night sets in, a general creeping sense of unease permeates the wild and
rural setting…


Algernon Henry Blackwood, (1869 -1951) was an English writer of
supernatural fiction. Blackwood was also a journalist and a broadcasting
narrator. Blackwood had a varied career, farming in Canada, operating a
hotel, a newspaper reporter in New York, and essayist for various
periodicals. His works included ten collections of short stories,
fourteen novels, children's stories, and several plays. Many of his
stories reflect his love of nature and the outdoors. His two best-known
stories are "The Willows" and "The Wendigo". An excerpt from The Willows
reads "They first became properly visible, these huge figures, just
within the tops of the bushes -- immense, bronze-colored, moving, and
wholly independent of the swaying of the branches. I saw them plainly
and noted, now I came to examine them more calmly, that they were very
much larger than human, and indeed that something in their appearance
proclaimed them to be not human at all. Certainly they were not merely
the moving tracery of the branches against the moonlight. They shifted
independently.They rose upwards in a continuous stream from earth to
sky, vanishing utterly as soon as they reached the dark of the sky. They
were interlaced one with another, making a great column, and I saw
their limbs and huge bodies melting in and out of each other, forming
this serpentine line that bent and swayed and twisted spirally with the
contortions of the wind-tossed trees. They were nude, fluid shapes,
passing up the bushes, within the leaves almost - rising up in a living
column into the heavens. Their faces I never could see. Unceasingly they
poured upwards, swaying in great bending curves, with a hue of dull
bronze upon their skins ...For the longer I looked the more certain I
became that these figures were real and living, though perhaps not
according to the standards that the camera and the biologist would
insist upon."

About the Author

Algernon Henry Blackwood, CBE (14 March 1869 – 10 December 1951)
was an English short story writer and novelist, one of the most prolific
writers of ghost stories in the history of the genre. He was also a
journalist and a broadcasting narrator. S. T. Joshi has stated that "his
work is more consistently meritorious than any weird writer's except
Dunsany's" and that his short story collection Incredible Adventures
(1914) "may be the premier weird collection of this or any other
century". His two best known stories are probably "The Willows" and "The
Wendigo". He would also often write stories for newspapers at short
notice, with the result that he was unsure exactly how many short
stories he had written and there is no sure total. Though Blackwood
wrote a number of horror stories, his most typical work seeks less to
frighten than to induce a sense of awe. Good examples are the novels The
Centaur, which climaxes with a traveller's sight of a herd of the
mythical creatures; and Julius LeVallon and its sequel The Bright
Messenger, which deal with reincarnation and the possibility of a new,
mystical evolution of human consciousness. In correspondence with Peter
Penzoldt, Blackwood wrote. My fundamental interest, I suppose, is signs
and proofs of other powers that lie hidden in us all; the extension, in
other words, of human faculty. So many of my stories, therefore, deal
with extension of consciousness; speculative and imaginative treatment
of possibilities outside our normal range of consciousness. ... Also,
all that happens in our universe is natural; under Law; but an extension
of our so limited normal consciousness can reveal new, extra-ordinary
powers etc., and the word "supernatural" seems the best word for
treating these in fiction. I believe it possible for our consciousness
to change and grow, and that with this change we may become aware of a
new universe. A "change" in consciousness, in its type, I mean, is
something more than a mere extension of what we already possess and

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