Classic MkII Jaguar Police Car Die-Cast Metal Model - £1.99 @ Atlas Editions

Classic MkII Jaguar Police Car Die-Cast Metal Model - £1.99 @ Atlas Editions

Found 23rd Apr 2011
The MkII Jag was in its day the police’s favourite car. Blessed with raw speed and superb handling, it helped legendary officers like Jack Slipper capture some of the top villains of the day, including the infamous Great Train Robbers. No one knows exactly how much the gang made off with in August 1963. Conservative estimates say £2.6 million - £30 million in today’s money! But they were all caught thanks to cars like this.

The Jag’s 3.8 litre engine gave it an impressive top speed of 125mph – with 0-60 in only 8.5 seconds! It was perfect for high-speed pursuits and, in its plain white livery, became the paramount motorway patrol car. In the pursuit of ruthless criminals like the Kray and Richardson Gangs speed was vital – until 1965 there was no speed limit at all on the motorway!

Now you can commemorate the most iconic Police Car of the 1960s with this superb quality 1:43 scale die-cast metal model. The beautiful chrome features of the original are faithfully reproduced in carefully moulded ‘metallic’ plastic, and the model features real rubber tyres. It even comes complete with its own collector’s box and display plinth – making it ideal to show off in your home.
MkII Jaguar

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This is a unique change to own the classic MkII Jaguar Police Car in its authentic Bedfordshire Police Force livery. It can be yours for just £1.99 and FREE p&p, instead of the full price of £14.99, with no obligation to buy anything else, ever. Plus, we will even give you two commemorative newspaper covers from August 1963, absolutely FREE just for replying. And remember, please send no money now.
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would be nice to see how easy this is to cancel. will you keep being sent cars and expect pay postage to return them.
They are a pain to cancel they even send items and bill you after you have told them you want to cancel
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