Classic Word Games (Nintendo DS) £6.85 delivered @

Classic Word Games (Nintendo DS) £6.85 delivered @

Found 12th Mar 2010
Classic Word Games is a fun and entertaining way to refresh your vocabulary and activate the words that have become passive knowledge in your mind!

Have fun with a wide selection of easy to pick up minigames: a total of 13 games, including brand-new games, classic games upgraded and classics.
Measure your progress and unlock hidden games.
Recreational Games invite you to have a relaxing moment, alone or with friends. Play with the famous Hangman or activate your neurons with the classic Crosswords.
Improve your knowledge with a wide variety of fun facts that explain, for example, an idiom's origin
Dynamic difficulty system that adapts the game timers to your level as you progress
The game keeps track of the words you have learned and test you on those words instead of random words.
"Warm-Up" rounds before getting into the tracked rounds.
Challenge your friends and family with the Single-Card Download or the Multi-Card option and see who can get the highest score.

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