Claude Valentini Gents Series 3000 Classic Blue Watch...Was £325.25 ..NOW £34.95 !

Claude Valentini Gents Series 3000 Classic Blue Watch...Was £325.25 ..NOW £34.95 !

Found 8th Jun 2008
Was £325.25 ..NOW £34.95 !

plus £4.99 Shipping.

Watch Information
Brand: Claude Valentini
Part number: M2713745
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Band Material: Leather
Band Length: Men's Standard
Calendar: Date

Not my Taste though !
Movement: Quartz
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Am wondering if it's just a typo now and maybe the original price was £36.25 !! :-D

Except on the original website it's £410 !!!!!!!…htm
c'mon,£325 ? ? ?
I dont think so.....

Ralph Lauren,Gianni Versace,Karl Lagerfeld.........Claude Valentini....who is this person ?
This is being sold by a Marketplace seller, NOT Amazon so shouldn't be posted.
CV watches are everywhere on eBay. Amazing how they can sell a £400 watch for
These watches can be picked up from various local retailers boasting the same RRP for around £15 each.
These have been on watchdog where people were being approached in the street. One example was a guy wearing a BMW jacket near a BMW forecourt, the story was that they were bought as a complimentary gift for people buying the M series beemers but his boss had overstocked..... £450 yours for £60!!!!! THEY WENT TO THE HEAD OFFICE QUOTED AND IT WASNT THERE!!! THE COMPANY WAS FAKE!! FAKE ADDRESS, FAKE WATCH FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, EVEN IF THEY HAVE NOW REGISTERED ITS PROBABLY ONLY BECAUSE THEY WERE EXPOSED!!! TRUST ME, GOOGLE IT!!!!



Hope this helps some poor sap being parted from his money..... on the upside, an expert looked at the watch and said it was probably worth £30 - £50 so not bad, but certainly NOT a HUKD!!!!!!
This reminds me of the sales tactics of and shops like Officer's Club- quote a highly unrealistic R.R.P and then sell at a ridiculously low price making the consumer believe they have bought a bargain!

New Consumer Laws have just been brought in to outlaw this and other shady business practices (such as "Closing down sale- all stock must go!" and the shop still trading 6 months later)
Bought one of these about 8 years ago. The watch really looked the business but after a couple of months, the chrome started peeling and began to rust. I'd stay away
I bought one about 12 years ago from 2 guys saying it was a BMW Gift, I paid £40 for it, I still wear it now for work (building site work) the strap did break but had a new leather one fitted still works and looks pretty good too.
Yes it is a scam but as good as any other £40 watch
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