CLC180K £2000dep, £280month PCP 36 months
CLC180K £2000dep, £280month PCP 36 months

CLC180K £2000dep, £280month PCP 36 months

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Mercedes are doing a brand new CLC180K (1.8 Kompressor) for £2000 deposit and £280/month on 10,000 miles/year PCP with an £11K balloon after 36 months.

You'd be doing well to borrow £9K for the same monthly payments. the car retails at £21K (yes I know you don't own it at the end of this, but cheapest lease on a Mini is more expensive)


Any Quidco or green shield stamps on this deal?

Just a little info, if you give the car back after 3 years be prepared for Mercedes to go over it with a fine tooth comb and be invoiced for the slightest ding. Been there and done that with a C class we got 7 years ago.
Not voting either way.

Yep, handed one back in March, had to pay £1000, although around £300 of this was for excess mileage. Very nice car, but also very poor MPG though.

your blowing 12k in 3 years though even though its a nice car thats alot for nothing at the end of it. might as well buy a second hand one and run it for several years plus with xmas coming up you'll get one for a great price

I'm not sure this is a great price, I got a C220CDI auto on PCP for £319 /month last year. I'm worried about the dents now after reading these comments. And I'd agree mpg is poor, I've only averaged 34mpg in the year I've had it, I got more from my mk5 Golf GTI - that had a 2.0l Turbo petrol engine!!!

£2,000 + £280/m * 36m + £11,000 = £23,080

I got this car for 3+35 at £277 a month about 4 months ago, sport model to with the bigger wheels etc. Lovely car imo but as stated, poor mpg.

Already had some inconsiderate people put car park dings in the doors etc but hey ho, penalty you have for having a nice car I guess! I'll just get them all knocked out at the end of the 3 years for £40/50 a panel, cheaper than Merc would charge I'm sure!!

Be advised that the servicing isn't cheap either! My local Merc garage is £220 for a A service and £320 for a B (plus £40 for a break fluid change at year 2), not looking forward to those...oh and £240/year to tax? Yeah, soon adds up.

if you search for the BVRLA fair wear and tear guide (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association is the trade body for companies engaged in the leasing and rental of cars and commercial vehicles) this will give details of what damage is acceptable and whats not, most rental and leasing companies are members and agree to follow their guidelines. failing that if you contact your lease company they should provide a copy for you.

If you are about to take a PCP or any form of lease ask the provider for a copy of the fair wear and tear guide it will be the BVRLA one their own version based on the guidelines.

Here we go


ok this is branded as BMW but it is the BVRLA guide if you look on page 12 it states dents up to 10mm in size are ok as long as there is no more than 2 per panel and the paint is not broken

Thanks Jonnye! Got mine through merc corporate sales so will enquire about this. Might save me some pennies at the end of the lease

Complete and utter waste of money.

Now, I see where these people that make an affair when someone scratches their bumper come from.

Well, bumper is to bump - as the name says. However, if you have this kind of arrangement a chip can spoil all the joy of using a car.
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