Cleaner eXtreme Pro for free (was £1.79)

Cleaner eXtreme Pro for free (was £1.79)

Found 19th Apr
Cleaner eXtreme is said to be the fastest cleaning app in Google Play!

Meet Cleaner and Faster Android.. your search for a complete cleaner app ends here.

Clean every single bit of unwanted data in one click!! Recover 100+ MB of internal memory by cleaning junks, history, App temp files and cache, without Root permission..

The best part about this app is, It won't touch any of your system settings. Be confident that no system data is tampered! 

Cleaner eXtreme: The final cleaner app in Android you will end up installing, Cleans memory more than any other cleaning app in Android. 

★ Features:

★ 1 Click All Cleaner.
★ All App's Cache Cleaner.
★ Deep Junk Cleaner.
★ Ad Cache Cleaner.
★ Quickest Cleaner.
★ Auto-Cleaner, Cleans memory automatically. Available intervals: 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 1 day .
★ No Ads.

Keep your Android clean, free up resources, experience quick performance sprint.
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Doesn't do anything absolute rubbish don't bother
IMO SD Maid is a better app for this purpose;…_GB

The Pro version unlock is £2.39 but well worth it.
Looking at the reviews, it seems this one is a scam... Many reports of it not doing much/anything, and one user saying this;

"The app is consuming ~0.5 GB worth of internet usage a month, what's that for ? It's weird to see a 'cleaner' app listed next to YouTube, Spotify, Facebook apps in terms of data usage.."

The positive/5* reviews all seem fake as well, likely bots/click farms.
rojofa9232 m ago

IMO SD Maid is a better app for this …IMO SD Maid is a better app for this purpose; Pro version unlock is £2.39 but well worth it.

Agreed. Really good cleaning app and well worth the price to go 'pro'!
All cleaning apps aren't worth it but SD Maid is the one I used to use and is worth it
Yes SD Maid looks good and the developer is from Europe (Germany). Some of these other apps have developers from all over the world so, even although free, I would be wary of installing them. You just don't know what they are up to all the time. As per Cleaner Extreme Pro, and rojofa92's comment above - why would the app use 0.5 GB worth of internet usage a month?
rojofa922 h, 59 m ago

IMO SD Maid is a better app for this …IMO SD Maid is a better app for this purpose; Pro version unlock is £2.39 but well worth it.

I've been using the Pro version for a long time and it works very well. It is also available on offer every now and then, so definitely worth grabbing.

Arguably, if you have even a modicum of intelligence or tech know-how then you don't really need apps like this but they just make life, well, a little easier. And who wants to spend aeons cleaning out junk on their 'phone or tablet when they can go skipping out into the sunshine?

As for Cleaner eXtreme? I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole, let alone recommend it.
Use Googles own app. Files go... Dose I nice job and free
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