Clear glass TV (up to 32" TV) stand £20 @ Tesco Direct

Clear glass TV (up to 32" TV) stand £20 @ Tesco Direct

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3 Clear glass safety shelves. Rigid construction with tension rod design. Shelf edges are polished and shaped for additional personal safety. Cable management facility to manage unsightly cables. Flat packed for simple home assembly. Satin silver legs.

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They've got them on display in various Tesco Direct branches, if you want to see IRL. for 3% back


ordered one and free delivery to store..saweet


Great price for a great stand!

Don't bother with using the cable tidy thing though, it's the only cheap and tacky bit about the stand.

Thanks for listing this. I was looking around for a glass stand earlier - this is exactly what I was looking for and the price is excellent.

would I get away with sticking a 37" tv on this ? im guessing the only draw back will be the tv sticking out at the edges ?

I ordered this last week and picked it up yesterday. Seems like a good stand for £20 - as I was assembling it it seemed like it was pretty flimsy, but once the final nuts/bolts get tightened it is fine and looks not too different to all the other ones which are up nearer the £100 mark.

I have put my 37" TV on it and think it is fine - it can certainly support the weight (if anything my brand new 37" TV is actually lighter than my old 32" TV) and it doesn't stick out too much at the sides - it overhangs each side by about 8-10cm, but I think a 32" would also overhang as well so don't think overhand is too much of a problem.

Was looking for one earlier in the year,
jumped on this one!

Ta for the heads up! :thumbsup:


would I get away with sticking a 37" tv on this ? im guessing the only … would I get away with sticking a 37" tv on this ? im guessing the only draw back will be the tv sticking out at the edges ?

I think it should be fine, as it appears to be the clear glass version of the same stand i have. And mine fits a 37" plasma (panasonic) on it.

Just ordered one. Thanks OP.

Good find. Exactly what I was looking for.

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Just gotten back from my mate's, whose arrived today. In the flesh, it's really nice. Definitely better than a dark one would've been. I get the feeling that the dark ones are good in dark rooms and they seem to fit the Currys show area nicely, but this clear one looks so much nicer in a light room. It's good and sturdy too, and I don't really see any reason for it to be limited to just 32" tellies. He's very happy with it, and I'm glad I dragged him away from the Currys salesman to Tesco to check their range and this out.

I had to be one of the unlucky ones. I put most of it together only to realise the last glass panel has most of the holes missing, it only had two in the back. Called up and they said they'll send a replacement and that i could swap the incorrect piece for the correct piece, until then, i have a partially finished stand in the living room. :-(

Ordered one a few days ago need to pick it up from my local store on Tuesday thanks OP.

Got 2nd delivery today for replacement part, had to open the box up and do a part swap at the door, quite a pain especially with the delivery guys van blocking the van and a car trying to go past.

Sorted it out, although the constructions feels extremely poor and the glass very fragile, it's a very different feel to the one i put together for a family member who bought there's from Currys (Serano brand).

The nuts on the bottom were especially difficult to put on. If you twist the poles all the way, then the nuts can't catch the thread as the poles seem slightly too short, you have to have the poles loosened and then tighten everything, and you can't tighten it too much according to the manual but then you don't want the damn thing to fall apart. Anyone else have this issue?

You get what you pay for i guess. I just hope the TV doesn't come crashing down due to the stand collapsing. I've read horror stories (very rarely) of glass stands shattering, never thought twice about it until i put this one together.

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