Clearance 360/ps2/ds/psp games BOGOF @ Currys Newbury Retail Park

Clearance 360/ps2/ds/psp games BOGOF @ Currys Newbury Retail Park

Found 5th Jun 2007
Found this on Sunday when passing.
The store has a managers clearance deal on all clearance games i.e those ending in 97p, whereby you buy 2 and get the cheapest free.
This is obviously whilst stocks last, but there are some fantastic deals to be had. When i was there they had 2 clearance bins full of 360/ps2/ds/psp titles.
Plus i saw other titles on the normal fixture ending in 97p (pro evo 6), which i approached the manager about, and he said all games ending 97p are bogof!

I understand there is also a Currys in Newbury town, but don't know if the same promotion applies there.

I have linked to the Currys gaming site so you can browse the clearance titles, though they are not all on the site. I'm afraid its a matter of, if your local and think its worth the trip then go for it.

I hope someone benefits, like i did

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Been in to the Newbury Currys myself this pm, and couldn't find any great deals to be honest. A few older ps2 games, a few on psp and a couple of GBA games - most could be had around the same price elsewhere, even with the BOGOF - you might save a quid or two here. Worth a look if you are passing - but I wouldn't make a special trip.
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